Satrangee Sasural 1st September 2015 Written Update

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Satrangee Sasural 1st September 2015 Written Update by Rimjhim

Satrangee Sasural 1st September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
As he finds arushi eyeing him, Vihaan hurriedly starts giving a alcrification asking her not to doutb him, as he didnt have any wrong intentions, and that it isnt what it looks like. she untabgles both the chains, while eyeing his romantically, as he too is unable to take his eyes off her. She says that she knows that as he wont do anything wrong ever. He eyes her surprised, while she is overwhelmed. Vibha pounds in disgust causing a noise, that alarms both of them. Arushi is boggled, while vihaan gets tensed, as he begins to approach the green curtains behind which vibha is hiding, scared that her game might be up. he looks over to the other side, but doesnt find anyone, behind the green curtain. Arushi asks what happened, while vibha barely escapes by hiding outside the window. Later, in the night, vihaan’s sleep is jolted awake, by a sound, and he goes out to check. Arushi wakes up feeling thirsty, and not finding him, she assumes that he must have gone out. she looks for water but when she doesnt find it, she decides to ring the bell and call the doctor. she is unable to move due to her surgery and blindly reaches out for the bell, unaware of the live wires. The nurse comes for usual rounds, and finds the live wires, and immediately asks arushi not to touch them. Arushi is scared. vihaan comes rushing back and is shocked to see whats happened. the nurse explains that arushi could have had a fatal attack. Vihaan finds the screwdriver, and understands that its a deliberate attempt at tampering, so that arushi gets a shock. Arushi is shocked. The nurse leaves to tell the supervisor, instantly about this. The nurse leaves, while vihaan wonders who could have done this. Arushi wonders if vibha did this to murder her, as noone else can do it. Vibha thinks evilly that she wont be able to save her and her babies for long, as she wont let vihaan go back to her, and that she would have to get rid of her and the babies, so that vihaan is back to her. She is determined to keep attempting to kill them.

Scene 2:
Location: Kasturi’s residence
Jhanvi is super tensed about girish, and his involvement in this plan of karuna’s while the bomb squad tries to defuse the bomb. She waits nervously, while they finally succeed at it. She is relieved the entire crowd starts clapping happily. Jhanvi is once again concerned about girish, and finds his number switched off. She wonders where is he.

Scene 3:
Location: Undisclosed Location
girish is tied in ropes, which he manages to strangle himself free from the ropes, and then finds himself being watches by goons, standing outside the dor behind which he is trapped. he eyes a deteriorated window, and tries to break the panes of it to be able to get out through it. The goons hear the sound of the window panes being broken, and get alert. they are about to go in, when karuna stops them. She goes after sometime, with the goons, and finds girish having escaped through the window and smiles evilly.

On the road, girish eyes some inspectors, and decdies to tell them the entire truth about karuna straightaway, so that they can ruin her evil plans. but before he can reach them, he collies into a man, who forcefully puts a mobile in his pocket and then disappears. girish is baffled, and just then the phone beeps, and girish is shocked to see jhanvi in a brusied and captive state, the same place where he was trapped. He gets a call. When he receives it, karuna asks if he actually thought he would be able to escape so easily, and that maybe she wanted him to run all along. He says that he shall kill her. she asks him to shut up, and then adds that jhanvi ruined their mission, but now he shall finish it, and asks him to keep this mobile phone with him always, and whatever instructions he gets, he should follow blindly, or else his wife shall die. She cancels the call, eyeing jhanvi, and smiling evilly. He apologises profusely to jhanvi for such a big fault. the same person who had given him the mobile, comes with a bike, and asks him to hop on, and do what he is told. he eyes the inspectors helplessly, and then perches atop the bike. They drive off.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All happily eye the children, as vihaan and arushi come, each one carrying one. Narmada does the arti together. Granny comments that this Rakhi is special for them. the mothers yet again start fighting amongst themselves for their share of the children, just like they used to do the same for vihaan, and arushi enjoys it. Vihaan meanwhile starts flashes of his past memory, as he remembers the mothers fighting for him and their pampering. he starts getting dizzy with a headache. Arushi notices this, as he sits down on the ground, clutching his head. they are all nervous and tensed, as they rush to him. Vibha comes pretending to be disturbed and makes her way through the crowd. She reprimands them to beware of what they do, as he has been advised by the doctors not to take stress. he says that he is okay. She says that she wont bear it anymore, as she has decdied that they shall leave the house, and not live here anymore. the mothers are shocked and outraged. granny asks her how cam she think of going when vihaan’s health is so bad. She says that they are so selfish that they dont want him to get better. Vihaan asks her to stop, but she reprimands that they dont want him to be okay. He tells her that nothing shall happen to him, and that he wont go anywhere leaving his mothers and the house. she is tensed, as he adds that he cant think about leaving such bful kids. She is distraught. Arushi and the mothers smile feeling victorious. Arushi and vihaan go inside with the mothers. Mini and priyanka hold vibha back and warn her not to do anything. priyanka too. vibha is stressed. They eye geeta and granny as they perform the children’s first rakhi, amidst much glee. She refers to the girl as Choti Arushi, and then they perform the rakhi, on her brother, whom vihaan has in his arms. all are amused and very happy, while vibha is stressed out, and struggles to break free.

Later, Vibha finds the children left unnattended, as arushi talks excitedly over the phone with kasturi, after having checked once on them, her back towards the children. Arushi asks about girish, as she needs him tday on rakhi. Vibha eyes the children alone. She comes to them. She picks one up and thinks that she would throw one of the children in such a place that for the whole life, arushi wont be able to search for her. the screen freezes on arushi and vibha’s faces.

Precap: As vibha is stealthily taking the girl out, she hears vihaan screaming for her, and gets scared. she hastily rushes to the laundry room, and places the child, inside the washing machine, so that the child isnt seen, and also places clothes on top of her. Later, the maid comes and finds the machine loaded, and covers the lid, and then takes the switch to begin with the washing process, oblivious of the child inside. Meanwhile, Arushi sees the cribs and finds one of the children gone, and wonders where she went. arushi finds one of them, gone and is shocked wondering where could they be..

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  1. Sweet angel
    September 01, 17:40 Reply

    Please do not say the baby will die
    This bitch
    Doesn’t she have a heart

  2. Sidney
    September 01, 14:32 Reply

    Seems like I myself have to take the responsibility of eliminating this bitch from this world!!! -_-

    • Lima
      September 01, 20:03


  3. hansamati das
    September 01, 13:45 Reply

    Can Vihan do something about vibha get raid of her put her in jail and never look back she is very eveil

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