Satrangee Sasural 31st October 2015 Written Update

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Satrangee Sasural 31st October 2015 Written Update by Rimjhim

Satrangee Sasural 31st October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Godmother’slair
All the mother in laws gather with their bahus in the campus for karvachauth celebration. All the mother in laws place their chits in the bowl. granny then comments that the world knows of the strife between mother in laws and daughter in laws, but they shall resolve this myth today and change this equation forever, and play the BEST BAHU COMPETITION, who shall be chosen by the mother in laws themselves. She says that for this, the bahus shall have to do something and show. Granny says that the first task is the passing of parcel, which every bahu, who loses in one round shall select one chit from the bowl, and perform the task written thereof. she also explains a twist that thos mother in laws shall judge whose bahus arent participating in the competition. They all comply. granny then announces the name of the judges, in which one of them is surprisingly dolly, who is ecstatic. But just then, pinky comes in shyly dressed up, for the fasting. All are surprised that she too has kept a fast. granny te4lls dolly that she cant judge if pinky participates. Dolly gets angry and takes pinky away, much to everyone’s amusement. Granny is then left with just two judges. all ask her about her bahu, kyra, and just then kyra makes a grand entry, looking picture perfect bride, dressed in arushi’s lehenga and takes the stage, while all are agape at her beauty as they comment that there’s none like her. She smiles and thanks them all. They decide to start the first phase of the competition. All amusingly and enthusiastically participate.

Meanwhile vihaan is driving on the bike, while maata in her lair is doing her rituals and the chants. She pierces the voodoo doll with a pin on the leg. At the same time, Vihaan experinces severe pain in his stomach, due to the voodoo magic. He almost stumbles and falls down, as the bike. As he gets down, all of a sudden the pain vanishes, as the pin is taken back out. He wonders as to why this is happening. then he walks off. maata guffaws that now noone can save her.

Meanwhile, the passing the parcel continues and after a couple of rounds, finally it stops on kyra. Priyanka is amused as she has things planned, and while granny gets upto to give her the chit, priyanka stops her and says that she shall give her chit to kyra, without anyone realising that she already has a chit in her hand, kyra’s pre-designed task. She then stealthily goes over to the bowl and taking the chit in the hand and holding the bowl, she comes to kyra, who is extremely tensed and boggled. As if surfing through the bowl, she gives her chit to kyra. Kyra takes it oncerned a little though. Priyanka says that she shall lose anything if she does the task properly, or else she is gone. Kyra is tensed, as she sarcastically wishes her all the best. She comes and narmada and priyanka smirk amongst themselves. Kyra reads it and is tensed. narmada taunts her if its anything difficult. granny too asks concerned. Kyra smiles and says that its easy. priyanka and narmada are amused, while others are shocked as she reads out the task, that she has to dance with burning earthen lamps and keep them alight. All are shocked. The judges ask who kept this heavy task, as if the diya gets off, it shall be ominous. Another comments that some mother in law must have done out of ire for her bahu. priyanka says that savitri too did a humungous task of getting back heer dead husband, and hence this is nothing compared to that. She tells kyra that she shall have to show today, that she is a good wife, good mother and a good bahu. granny says that this seems an impossible task and she wont do it. but kyra takes the challenge, boggling everyone. Granny reminds her burnt hands. kyra says that she shall still do it. Kyra asks her not to worry as she shall manage. all are concerned for her safety and health. granny blesses her and leaves. Priyanka and narmada discuss that they sympathise with the girl and she shall do the task. kyra dances deftly and beautifully as the two earthen lamps remain alight in her hands, much to narmada and priyanka’s surprise. Meanwhile, vihaan again starts with the bike ride. Maata sayss that no power, no soul, no time shall be able to save him now, as she continues her rituals. As maata blows on the doll and continues chants, vihaan wonders whats happening to him, as he gets dizzy and says that he is unable to move his hands and legs. His bike disbalances and the minute, vihaan falls down from the bike, and closes his eyes, the diya too falls off kyra’s hands. All are shocked to see this. The screen freezes on vihaan’s unconscious and kyra’s distraught faces.

Precap: As kyra lies unconscious on the sofa, all are tensed. bebo says that she had already told them that kyra wont be able to do it, and says that she wasnt paid attention by anyone. Bebo asks them to let her drink the water. she takes the glass of water and is about to feed it to kyra, who is unconscious, while granny and mini watch helplessly not liking it. She is about to drink it, when kyra suddenly wakes up with a scream addressing vihaan. all are shocked. Kyra says that she intuitively felt some danger looming on vihaan and is sure that vihaan’s life is in danger. She says that she shall go to search for vihaan. She rushes out, while all are shocked.

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