Savitri Devi 20th September 2018 Written Update

Savitri Devi 20th September 2018 Written Update by Amena

Savitri Devi 20th September 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanchi crying and praying. A red chunri falls on her. Sanchi cries seeing it and thanks Mata Rani for showing her the path. She calls out Veer. He asks what happened. She says its a sign from Mata Rani, she knows our love, she knows I can do anything to save you, just a wife has a right to fight with Yamraj and save her husband, a lover has no right to save her love, Mata Rani has blessed our love, will you marry me. She gets aarti plate. He gets shocked. He makes Sanchi wear the red chunri. He makes her wear red bangles and mangalsutra. Sanchi cries. Veer fills sindoor in her maang. He hugs her. She thinks I can protect Veer by rights now, every evil spirit has to face me before targeting him. Gayatri and everyone come. Gayatri asks what’s this new drama, you are married

to Kabir right, how can you remarry Veer. Veer says Kabir and Sanchi got divorced legally.
Savitri says even then Veer, how did this happen suddenly. He says I also didn’t wish this to happen now, I had no other way, Sanchi needs me right now, she can stay with me just as my wife. Riya smiles and thinks finally Kabir got divorced. She hugs Sanchi and congratulates them. Gayatri asks what’s wrong with you Anand, why aren’t you saying anything, this girl will ruin this house, stop her. Anand nods. Gayatri thinks Anand will make Sanchi out of here. Anand says I accept this marriage Veer. Gayatri gets shocked. Everyone smiles. Anand says I realize you both didn’t expect this reaction from me, but after Priya’s death, I have realized the loss of dear one, I never asked Priya what does she wants, I got her married to that Vikrant, I didn’t ask if she is happy in her marriage, I just got rid of my responsibility, and now, I won’t repeat this mistake with Veer. He says if Veer’s happiness is with Sanchi, I m happy in his happiness. He hugs Veer and Sanchi. Savitri also blesses them. She says we will make a new start.

Veer and Riya attack Anand at night. Anand says no…… His dream ends. He looks around. He says did she come back. He calls someone. Veer gets Sanchi to his room. She recalls past moments. He says I missed you a lot. She says me too. He asks her to forget everything. He says smile with happiness, we will get courage by happiness and we can fight easily. He holds her hand. He asks her to sleep on the bed, he will sleep on sofa, its alright, she doesn’t need to say anything, she can take her time, relax. He goes. Anand says we are going through a bad phase, I m too scared, I don’t know to do, just you can help me, please protect me and my family.

Tantric holds his hand and gets a shock. Anand asks what happened. Tantric says I m shocked seeing your future, your own son will kill you. Anand asks what. Tantric asks about his dream. Anand says Veer and Riya were possessed by evil spirit in my dream. Tantric says yes, Veer will kill you. Anand asks what can I do to get saved. Tantric gives him a knife and asks him to kill his son. Anand asks what nonsense, I won’t do this. Tantric says this knife won’t harm your son, you have to do this to make evil spirit out. Tantric goes and takes Naintara’s form. She smiles.

Anand comes to Veer and says sorry, I have no option. Sanchi gets shocked and says I won’t let you win easily. Naintara says you won’t be able to find real Veer and fake Veer, till you find, any one of them will be dead.

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