Sethji 21st September 2017 Written Update

Sethji 21st September 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Sethji 21st September 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Nagehs says what if somoene knows. Devi says you have to be on my side. Nagesh says this time I will kill her whole faamily. He tells her the plan. DEvi says done. Dont’ try to act smart with me tho.

Pragati says to Wasu I tried telling baji but he didn’t listen. Wasu says no one trusted us. Pragati says we have to do something. Ganesh comes in. Pragati says we are worried about DEvi’s real face. We all know her reality. She has threatned me that she will destroy everything. Ganesh says we need to tell Baji. Don’t worry.

Devi is looking for something. Pragati says finding something? Devi says yes poison or your husband. Pragati says why dont you give it to your friend in detention? Devi says shut up. Devi says you will know what I can do.Stay in your limits. If I can kill my husband just imagine what I can do with yours. I am warning you.

Ganesh is trying to tell you something. Baji says I am preparing for security. You can work with me too. Ganesh says no thank you. Baji says we have to be careful with Devsu’s protection.

Nagesh calls Ambi. He says comme to devsu. Ambi says I will.
Pragati says have you see baji wasu? Wasu says why are you worried he would be out. Pragati says no I looked everywhere. Ahiliya comes. She says what happened? Pragati says Baji’s life is danger. I can’t find him anywhere.
Pragati sees baji eating. She says stop don’t eat it. It might have poison., Baji says sethji made it. She can’t do this. She always doubts people. She can’t see us happy. Baji sayas don’t cry now. Pragati says you never trust me. Ahiliya says stop shouting at her baji. Devi says stop Pragati. Why you always create such situation.
You have broken a rule. I think we made a mistake by getting you in. I won’t take this risk. Baji arrest her in detention.

Precap-Nagesh says Pragati your punish will be more harsh than mine.

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  1. mandy singh
    September 21, 14:40 Reply

    This baji is such an ass no wonder this show failed

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