Shakti 14th July 2021 Written Update

Shakti 14th July 2021 Written Update by Simmy

Shakti 14th July 2021 Written Episode

Heer tells Virat that she told him to tell the truth. So much drama happened because they didn’t tell and now to hide the truth, they’ll have to lie more. He tells her that she saw the drama, but didn’t hear what principal said. He was against kinnars being in the college. He tells her that she won’t tell the truth to anyone at least till her graduation. He says he is worried for Soumya. Heer asks what happened to her? He says Soumya came as kinnar and police arrested all kinnars. She says they should go to police station. He says he already told Harman. She says they should go to her home, they will meet Soumya there.

Harman informs Preeto that Soumya went to jail to save Heer, but he will get her released. Preeto goes to Mahi. Mahi asks what happened? It’s her right to know. Preeto asks does she see anything beside her rights? She tells her to learn from Soumya, she went to jail in order to save Heer. She revealed her kinnar identity to everyone. Preeto further asks Mahi why she doesn’t leave them?

Guru is finding Virat. A student stops him to ask a question and he fails to see Virat and Heer leaving together in a car.

Gurwinder informs Virat’s parents that Soumya failed their plan. Soumya comes there saying until she’s there, their plan will never succeed. Virat’s family gets shocked seeing Soumya in a kinnar avatar. Soumya goes to pray. Parmeet tries to stop her, but she doesn’t listen. Parmeet says kinnar cannot step in their house mandir. Soumya says, yes, she is a kinnar and the Goddess made her that way. She claps and acts like a kinnar. Parmeet is stunned. Soumya says and she’s proud of being kinnar. The God made them equally, but it’s society who see them differently. The only difference is that the Goddess gave kinnars power to bless others. Today she blesses Parmeet that the Goddess gives her some sense so that she doesn’t love her remaining son. Soumya further says that this is true identity and Heer’s also. But Heer will come in this identity when Soumya wants her to. Right now she wants Heer to study and be independent, so that she can become an example for other kinnars that they can also achieve their dreams.

Mahi tells Preeto and Harak Singh that Soumya wouldn’t need to do all this if they didn’t lock her in room. Harak Singh asks what she would have done? She couldn’t win their trust in these many years. Because of her, Soumya and Harman have to stay away secretly. Mahi says that’s good and she will keep making sure that it happens. Heer doesn’t know what’s wrong, but she does. And she will do wrong with wrong. Heer and Virat come there. Heer says she came to meet Soumya and here she finds out that Soumya and Harman left to hide from her (Mahi). Harman said he would take care of everything, but she is not letting him. She has become their enemy.

Soumya tells Parmeet that she knew her truth, but she didn’t tell Virat. Parmeet asks what proof does she have that kinnars were sent to college by her? Harman says that police have the phone that Angel used. One phone call and they’ll have all proofs. He then tells Sant Baksh that he didn’t expect this from him. He tells him that Heer is not alone. Sant Baksh accepts that they made a mistake and assures him that it won’t be repeated. Parmeet objects, but Sant Baksh shuts her up. Sant Baksh requests Harman to not tell all this to Virat, else he will leave the house. They only have one son left. Soumya says they don’t want to destroy their house either. She tells Parmeet not to force her to tell the truth to Virat. Heer has her whole family behind her and her husband too. She gives one last warning to Parmeet and her family.

Heer is crying. Virat consoles her that everything will be fine. Heer asks Mahi what she thinks that Harman will come back to her by doing all this? He will never come. He will never leave Soumya because his smile comes from Soumya. Along with love, he trusts Soumya a lot that she will never leave him and his family. Heer further says that she learned importance of love after marrying Virat. She tried so many times to leave Virat, but he didn’t let her go. Today she can say with confidence that no matter where she goes, Virat will always be with her. Harman has such confidence in Soumya. Soumya has won that confidence which Mahi never managed to win. This is the difference between Soumya and Mahi. Soumya lives for others and that’s why she earned all the love in her life. Mahi became so selfish that she spoiled others lives. This is why she only managed to earn hatred. She further tells Mahi that today she lost her daughter too.

Episode ends.

Precap: Mahi tells Heer that she will leave Harman’s life forever. She is ready to give divorce to him. Soumya and Harman visit a lady. Soumya asks why they keep listening to Angel and go on wrong path. Why they don’t go against her. The lady asks Soumya why doesn’t she take Guru Maa’s position. Harman agrees saying they need someone like Soumya as their Guru Maa. He tells her to take Guru Maa’s position again.

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