Shakti 18th February 2020 Written Update

Shakti 18th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 18th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rohan asking Heer not to meet Virat from now. He says either Virat is standing infront of you or your Veer ji, you have to choose between us. Heer is shocked and recalls her moments with Virat. Rohan goes from there. Heer recalls Rohan’s words and cries. Daljeet tells Sant Baksh that the girl might be scared of him and talked politely, but she is stubborn and arrogant. Sant baksh says she can’t do anything. He gets a call and talks to someone. He asks Daljeet when he will give the good news and says you are married since 5 years. Daljeet says ji dad. Sant Baksh says whenever I ask you to give the good news, you just say ji dad. He says Virat will get married soon and will give the good news. He says he wants to get a grand child. Gurwinder hears them. Daljeet comes to room and threatens Gurwinder to give him baby. Gurwinder asks him to get himself tested. Daljeet says I trust my manpower and asks her to go to doctor and gets herself checked. He says I want a baby.

Rohan comes to Heer and asks her to drink milk and have food. Heer refuses. Rohan asks why? He says you don’t want to have chocolate milk as he asked her to choose between Virat and him. Heer says when you said, then I choose you. Rohan asks why you are sad and asks her to have food. Heer says you can’t decide everything in my life and asks him to take the milk from her room. She says I don’t want to talk to you. Rohan sadly leaves. Heer asks why I can’t have any friends.

Virat tells Dadu that Heer is magician and handled dad in a blink of fingers. Dadu says I feel that she is social media App. Virat says I have decided that there are few special people in my life. He says one is you, second bhabhi and the third is Heer. He says I might be boring, but will always let the big wide smile set on her face. Soham tells that he will go and check on Heer as Rohan veer ji haven’t come. Preeto says I will go and check. Shanno thinks what has happened? Rohan is standing outside Heer’s room and says Soumya Mami shall return. He sees Preeto coming and tells that Heer had 4 samosas in the canteen. Preeto asks him to go. She comes to Heer and asks her to say the truth. Heer says there is nothing and tells that she had 3-4 samosas in the canteen and her stomach is full. Preeto looks at her. Heer says I can’t eat anything now. Preeto asks her to drink lemon water and sleep, says she will send it. Virat looks down the balcony and thinks if Heer will come here tonight. Heer puts the cloth down and thinks she can’t go, nobody is important than her Veer ji. Virat lets the window open.

Next morning, they come to the college. Virat is waiting for Heer and goes to side. Heer walks inside the college. Virat throws red rose on her way and signs her to take it. Heer recalls Rohan’ words and throws it in the dustbin kept there. Virat is shocked and thinks no hi or hello and she threw my flower in the bin, thinks something is wrong. As Heer is going with her brothers, Virat pulls her hand and takes her to side. He asks why you threw my flower and why you didn’t smile seeing me. Heer asks him to leave her hand. He says I have read everything on the net and says just as rose is given on rose day, chocolates are given on the chocolate day. he says I thought to give you at night, but you didn’t come home. He says he was waiting for her all night. Heer asks him not to wait for her anymore and goes. Virat thinks what had happened? He calls Dadu and asks him to give advice, says that Heer is not talking to him. Dadu says girls like macha (macho) man and asks him to do something daring. He sees a burqa clad woman and gets an idea. He goes and sit beside Heer in the classroom.

Soham looks at them. Virat asks Heer if she is upset as he spoke badly about her kinnar friend. He asks her to come out, says he wants to talk to her. He goes out. Lecturer asks if this is class or park. Heer recalls Rohan’s words and don’t go out to meet him. Virat comes there and tells Lecturer that he wants to talk to his friend about something important. Lecturer nods his head. Virat asks Heer why is she not talking to him and says if he has done a mistake then will apologize. Soham jumps from his bench and comes to Heer. He is about to hit Virat, but Virat holds his hand. Soham beats him. Heer gets shocked and stops Soham. Rohan comes out of his classroom.

Precap: Heer tells Gulabo’s pic that she is dreaming from open eyes. Virat comes there. Harak Singh comes to the Police station. Sant baksh says so your grand daughter is kinnar. Harak Singh is shocked.

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