Shakti 1st August 2019 Written Update

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Shakti 1st August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Mahi what to give her. Mahi asks her to go away from her life and asks her not to meet Harman ji. Soumya says I have already gone from his life and tells that she will make sure that she will not come in his way. Mahi is about to go. Soumya tells about the saying that if married women made each other wear the chadawa bangles then their husband will be fine. Mahi forwards her hand. Soumya makes her wear bangles. Mahi makes her wear bangles also. Preeto gets a call and asks Mahi to come home soon. She says Harman is unwell. They rush home. Soumya tells Rekha that she will sit in the temple for some more time and want to thank God for the happiness in her life. Rekha says ok.

Doctor checks Harman and asks since when he started drinking wine. Harak Singh says since

few days. Doctor says if he don’t stop soon then it is very difficult for him to live. Harman smiles. Mahi runs out and go to temple. Soumya finds the temple bell ringings and gets tensed. Mahi comes there running and shows the bangles which Soumya made her wear it. Soumya asks what happened? Mahi tells that Doctor told that if he don’t stop drinking then he will die. She says nobody can stop him and asks her to stop him. She says save him if not for me then for my baby. Soumya says I can’t help you and asks her to go and save Harman. She says you are his wife now and asks her to go. She says I have went far from you both. She says it is your dharm to protect him. Vedant comes there and thinks it is good that I came to pick Soumya.
Mahi says you had never gone out of his life, he did your shradh, but couldn’t keep you out of his heart. She tells that Harman could never be hers and tells that she has to take her disguise and got closer to him. She says this baby in my stomach is my cheat’s result, she says how to stop him. She says if we don’t stop her then we will lose him. Soumya recalls Harman getting wine. Mahi says I asked you to go away from our life, but today I am asking you to save him. Vedant comes there after hearing them. He asks Mahi to go and save Harman. He asks Soumya to come home. Soumya asks him to go and says I can do anything for Harman ji. Vedant holds her hand and asks Mahi if she don’t feel to take help of kinnar being a woman. Soumya asks him to leave her hand. Vedant takes Soumya forcibly in his car. Mahi cries.

He brings her home. Soumya says I am not your wife that you are ruling on me. Vedant says you will soon be my wife. He says if I tell Harman then he will leave Mahi and her baby. Soumya says you will not do this. Vedant says my wife will not go to Harman. He asks her to smile and come infront of everyone. He asks her to make coffee for jiju.

Harman tells Harak Singh that the doctor was fake and says when I didn’t die when Soumya left, then how I will die after drinking wine. Harak Singh says you will not drink. Harman says I will leave this house. Harak Singh says I won’t let you go. Harman says you will stop me and says this wrestling is not your cup of tea. He says I will leave and coughs. Everyone looks at him. Harman says I am not dead and is alive still. Preeto gives him Soumya’s swear to stop him at home. Harman laughs and says my family is wonderful, separated me from my Gulabo and now gave me her swear and stopped me from going out. He claps and says I will tell poetry regarding this. He says my Gulabo…my Dilruba, first became bewafa and then my prayer, I fought all life to get her and lose her, then also neither I get dilruba nor dua and also medicine for this heart’s pain. He says wah wah wah. Preeto asks Mahi where did you go? Mahi says I went to Soumya and asked her to save him. Shanno asks have you gone mad to call her and blames Soumya for his condition. Mahi says she was never out of his life, that’s why you gave her swear to him and he stopped. Preeto asks what did Soumya say? Mahi says before she could say anything, Vedant held her hand and took her.

Harman tells Harak Singh that his heart and mind will hear anyone as Soumya is gone. He says my Gulabo. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Soumya is restless and thinks what to do, how to go and meet Harman ji. Vedant takes Rohan to room. Rohan asks Soumya to make him eat. Vedant tells story to Rohan and says hero will die if he drinks more wine. Rohan asks why heroine haven’t gone to stop him from drinking. Vedant says she will not go and tells that hero might be dead. Soumya asks what is this nonsense and says what is the use of telling this to kids. Vedant says he didn’t die yet and asks her to relax. Soumya cries badly. Rohan tells Soumya that he will scold Mama next time and hugs her.

Sindhu calls Saya for help. Saya says I understand, but nothing is left in my hands. Preeto is going from there, looks at them and goes. Saya says she must have gone to get vabhoot, but it will notwork. Chameli asks what Sindhu said? Saya says Mahi is pregnant and Harman is much unwell. She says Doctor said that if Harman don’t stop drinking then his life is in danger. She says everything is ruined, now nothing is left in our hands. She says now there is nothing left in Harman and Soumya’s hands. Chameli says we are helpless now. Saya says we shall go to ask for nek and says our life starts here and ends here.

Harman tells harak Singh that he has taken the tablets and now nobody will stop me from drinking wine. Harak Singh asks him to stop wine and says it is bad for your health. Harman pours wine on his head. Shanno smiles while everyone is shocked. Harman threatens to burn himself and lights the lighter. Harak Singh says no. Just then Soumya comes there and sees lighter on in his hand. Harman switches it off. Soumya runs to Harman. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..She asks what you was doing right now. She says the lady there is your mum and he is your father and everyone. She says you were about to burn yourself infront of them. Harman asks what is my relation with you? Soumya says they are your family, they have given you birth and loves you very much. Harman asks and you, do you love me? Soumya asks did you think that they feel pain to see you like this. Harman asks do you feel pain seeing me in pain? Soumya asks why all questions ends on her and asks until when this will go on. Harman says all life as my life ends on you. He asks did you husband let you come here? Soumya asks him to give bottle. He asks her to answer? He says if Soumya told Vedant and came then she is his Gulabo and if she has hidden this from Vedant then she is Vedant’s wife. Soumya says you are calculating so much and is about to give her swear.

Harman asks her not to give swear and asks her to give a reason, to stop him from drinking. He is about to drink. Soumya asks whom you will choose between wine and me? Harman throws the bottle and says you, as I can’t choose anyone in this world, not even myself. Soumya asks him to stop drinking wine as he has chosen her. Harman asks her to be infront of him and says then I will not drink wine. She gets Vedant’s call. Harman says I will tell him that you are with me and will not go away from me to stop me from drinking. Soumya picks the call and says she came to park and will come later. Vedant says I will come there and thinks to check on Soumya. Soumya says I am helpless, I have to go, as you have chosen me, please don’t drink wine. She leaves. Harman says I will not drink wine, when you have gone away, what is left with me.

Precap: Mahi calls Soumya and tells that Harman again went to get wine. Vedant hears her and thinks to catch them red handed. He thinks if Soumya don’t become his, then he will not let her become of Harman.

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