Shakti 28th February 2019 Written Update

Shakti 28th February 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 28th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya and Harman at the airport. Varun and Sweety come to Panchayat. He tells Panchayat that Soumya has stolen his baby and he has lost. Sweety cries and asks them to give her baby. Varun thinks she acts so well. Sunaina tells panchayats members to come with them and do justice. Panchayat member says this is injustice with Varun and says lets go. Soumya frees Sukha’s hand and folds her hand. She says you are Harman’s Mama ji and Soham’s Dada. She asks him to forget everything and bless Soham. She requests on his family’s behalf. Harman tells her that his Mama used to roam in the farms keeping him on his shoulders. Preeto asks him to forget everything and start everything afresh. Harak Singh also forgives him and asks him to start afresh, says I am with you. He asks band

guys to play band. Harak Singh asks Sukha to dance as well. Sukha also dances. Harman tells Soumya that he wants to dance as well. Soumya says but I have to talk something important. He asks her to say. Soumya says I love you. Harman says nothing is important than this. They dance. Panchayat members and others come there with Varun and Gurmeet. They ask them to stop dancing. Varun says they are having jashn after stealing my son. Panchayat member scolds Harak Singh and says this thing doesn’t suit you. He asks Varun to take baby from Soumya. Varun asks Soumya to give the baby. Soumya refuses. Harman says you want baby so that you can give him for adoption. Varun says why will I give baby to someone. Soumya says you have given baby for adoption and using him to see us in pain. She says I will not give my son to you. Varun says you have kidnapped my son and then accusing me. He asks her not to talk nonsense. Harman slaps Varun and says he is talking nonsense and lying. Sukha says what you people are doing and tells that Harak Singh had kidnapped and kept him at home. He says they made me dance forcibly. Harak Singh gets angry at Sukha. Sukha asks if I am lying?
Harak Singh asks him to tell the truth. Sukha says your bahu has stolen the baby. Gurmeet asks Harak Singh to leave his father. Harman says when two elders are talking then kids shall not interfere. Harak Singh puts rope on his neck. Sunaina asks him to leave her husband. Preeto says if he is your husband then he is my brother. Sweety asks to give Soham. Raavi slaps him. Soumya picks the stick and says that she brought Soham from Singapore, not to return to him. Panchayat asks them not to fight. Soumya says I request you all, not to do tamasha and asks them to leave. She says we will come to Panchayat tomorrow. Panch member says lets see who is saying truth and who is lying. Sukha comes to Harak Singh and says even if I die, and if you people celebrate then think that our biggest enemy died and not your brother or brother in law, then my soul will get peace.

Harman and Soumya are going home with Soham. Soumya asks him to trust her trust and says nobody can separate Soham from us. Harman says I am learning relations from you. Soumya says you made me taught the meaning of love and now our Soham will change the meanings. Harman says you are good bahu, girlfriend, wife etc. Soumya says you are a good daddy. Preeto asks Harak Singh to stop the car at the temple. Harman and Soumya also get down. Preeto asks them to come to temple. She tells Pandit ji that she wants him to tie Mata Rani’s raksha sutra and wants him to light the diya for her family’s safety. She say she wants to stay in the temple till Soham’s matter gets solved. Pandit ji says we will give you place to rest. He ties raksha sutra thread to everyone. He asks them to sit and light the akhand jyoot of their name. Preeto asks Soumya to take rest. Soumya says she is fine here and prays to God.

Next morning, everyone gather at the Panchayat. People discuss who shall get the baby. Panchayat Sarpanch asks them to be quiet and says this Panchayat is sitting to give verdict for last time, and says both parties shall accept the decision of the panchayat. He asks Varun to speak. Varun says when you all have given baby to us, then Soumya came to my house as Servant, I didn’t know that she came to work at my house with a hidden motive. Harman says he is lying. Varun says I have proofs.

Shruti shows the adoption papers to Sarpanch and says Varun had given baby to us for adoption. Sarpanch says he will talk to the villagers and give the verdict.

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