Shakti 29th July 2019 Written Update

Shakti 29th July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 29th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mahi holding Harman’s hand to stop him from drinking wine. He asks her to leave his hand. Mahi says I didn’t say anything when you haven’t drink tea and says I won’t let you drink wine. She says you don’t need to take the help of wine, as Soumya got married to Vedant, it is not your mistake. Harman says you are right, wrong thing happened with me. Saya tells Chameli that she wants Harman to know that there was a big conspiracy behind them. She tells that she has promised Soumya and can’t tell Harman. Chameli says truth can’t be hidden and they will unite like before.

Soumya opens the door and finds Rekha, her husband Aadesh and their son coming there. Rekha says so you are Soumya. Vedant comes there and calls her. Rekha hugs her. He says he is standing on his feet

because of Soumya. Mr. bansal comes there, Rekha hugs him. Aadesh asks Vedant why he got married in a hurry. She says marriage celebrations will be grand. Soumya says she will bring breakfast and chocolate milk shake for Rohan. She brings breakfast and chocolate milkshake. Rohan is about to pick up jalebi. Rekha asks him to wash his hand. Mr. bansal asks him to eat it. Rekha and Aadesh get angry on him. Soumya signs Mr. Bansal and asks Rohan if he wants to hear stories. Rohan says yes. She takes him with her. Vedant praises Soumya and tells that she will make Rohan have milk and will make him smile also. Mr. bansal tells Rekha that Soumya has a little baby. Rekha shockingly asks baby. Aadesh says if Vedant has taken a decision then it will be good. Soumya tells Rohan that when she saw him, she remembered Chintu ji who stays with his dada and dadi. She says I will tell you raja and rani’s story. Rohan says not that. Soumya says I will tell you hero and heroine’s love story. She tells him about Harman and her love story. Rohan asks why did heroine leave her hero’s house.
Vedant comes and says she left her house as she wants to reach her other heroes house. Soumya says not hero, but villain. Vedant says whatever and says that hero married her. Rohan calls him villain and asks about hero. Soumya shows Harman’s pic. Rohan says I will pray to God to punish villain. He asks her to get warm milk for her. Soumya goes. Vedant says I will make a call and goes. Rohan sees Harman’s number and thinks to talk to him. He calls Harman. Harman picks the call. Soumya comes and takes Rohan out to have breakfast. Vedant comes there with Lawyer and says I have hidden the truth from Harman with much difficulty and asks him to destroy all the documents. Lawyer goes. Vedant says I made Soumya mine by blackmailing her using this false case, Harman shall not enquire much. Rohan asks Vedant to take him to park to play. Harman is shocked to hear that and is still on call. He gets angry and takes out the gun from the cupboard.

Mr. Bansal, Vedant, Soumya and the family members are playing in the park. Mr. bansal gets glad. Rohan asks them to hide and says he will search them. They all hide. Rohan starts the countdown and searches for them. Harman puts a cloth on Vedant’s head and takes him to side. He aims gun at him and says you trapped me in false case so that you can get my Soumya, that’s why she left me. He says you have done a cheap thing, I will not leave you. He beats Vedant. Vedant falls down and hits Harman using his stick. Harman gets up and holds his stick and hits him with his head. He beats him. He says you have snatched my Soumya from me, I will not leave you alive. He aims gun at Vedant, when Soumya comes there and stands infront of Vedant. She asks him to shoot at her before shooting Vedant. Tu hi mera khuda plays………….

Harman asks Soumya to move from their way and says Vedant is our guilty. He trapped me in the case and blackmailed you to marry him. Soumya thinks he doesn’t know about my fake marriage and says I shall do something to stop him. She says Vedant is my husband now. She says she is happy with Vedant and says now you are married to Mahi, be happy with her. Vedant calls Police station and says a man is threatening some people in the park. Harman asks Soumya to stop it and says he married you forcibly. Soumya says even you had married me forcibly, I had accepted you and will accept him also. She asks him to go to mahi and let her be happy with him. Harman says I will not let you be with him and says I will kill him. Soumya says I will be with him and will be happy. Harman is about to shoot him, when Police inspector and constables come there. Vedant says this man wants to take my wife forcibly with him and when I stopped him, he is threatening me. Soumya tells Inspector that she is with Vedant with her wish. Inspector calls Harman mad and asks why are you interfering between them. Harman says you can’t live with them. Inspector asks him to go. Harman runs to Soumya and says you don’t have to give any sacrifice for me and asks her to come with him. Soumya says she is happy and asks him to go to Mahi. She folds her hands and says please. Vedant asks Inspector to take him. Soumya asks him to go to Mahi. Vedant asks her to come home. Harman says you don’t need to give any sacrifice. Tu hi mera khuda plays……

Later in the night, Harman comes home drunk and calls Harak Singh and Preeto. He says Soumya was with me for 3 and half years. When I told her truth about Vedant, she shielded him and stood infront of him. Preeto says she doesn’t care about you, leave running behind her. Raavi asks preeto to stop it and asks until when you will fill his ears against Soumya. She asks Harman if he knows about her sacrifices. Harman asks what sacrifice. Preeto says she is talking nonsense. Harman asks Raavi. Raavi asks him to think and says why did Soumya marry him on the same day when you was released and tells about his condition. Sindhu says such wife gets by destiny and says she sacrificed her life and bear to be called as bewafa. Preeto asks them to go. Raavi says that bewafa gave you Mahi as a gift so that you shall be happy. Harman is shocked and shattered. He says what did I do? I did a big mistake. Harman cries and says what did I do, I did a big mistake. He says Soumya has done a big sacrifice for me and I thought her bewafa. He tells Mahi that whoever is wrong does penance alone, says I am wrong and I will do penance for calling her bewafa infront of people. He says I married again, I am bewafa and not Soumya, I hurt her a lot. He says I will apologize to her and will bring her back. he asks him to come. Harman says I am bewafa and not my gulabo. He falls down.

Soumya tells Vedant that Mallika didi and others haven’t told anything to Harman. Vedant says lawyer haven’t told him and asks if she told him. Soumya says she will never break Mahi and Harman’s relation and will think 1000’s times before thinking to do this. Vedant says I trust you and says you have fulfilled your duty as a wife and tells that if Harman does anything then he will kill him. Soumya says enough and says I stood by you without any relation so think what I can do for Harman.

Precap: Preeto tells Harak Singh that she will separate Harman and Soumya. Harman comes to take her. Soumya asks him to go and not to come back again.

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