Shakti 30th July 2019 Written Update

Shakti 30th July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 30th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harman falling down and says Meri Gulabo and is in a bad state. Raavi says I knew Soumya can never be wrong and tells Preeto that she has ruined three lives, one is of Soumya, her beloved son and third life is of Mahi. She says today your son is yearning for Soumya and is on floor. She says I can’t see him in such state and asks her to see. She goes. Mahi helps Harman get up and takes him to room. Harman says my Gulabo is not bewafa. She takes him to room. Harman is drunk and drowsy. He asks Mahi to go out of Soumya and his room and pushes her out. Mahi is outside the room and cries.

Next day, Soumya opens the door and finds Harman standing. She says you are here. Harman says I came to take you back home. Soumya takes him outside. Bansal asks who came? Soumya says dhobi. Harman

says I have realized that I am wrong and says he will talk to Bansal. Soumya folds her hands and says Mahi is really good, whatever I did for your happiness and asks him to go. Harman says you got me married. Soumya asks him to go. Bansal asks why dhobi is taking so much time. Soumya says she is calculating the amount. Vedant thinks Harman came. Soumya goes inside, her bangle is left in his hand. Soumya realizes and goes inside. Harman looks at the bangle. Nasiba song plays…..Soumya cries in room. Harman comes back home and looks at Soumya’s bangles. Everyone sees him.
Preeto tells Harak Singh that time has come that Harman shall have his own child. Harak Singh says it is not that easy. Preeto says we have to tell Mahi. Harak Singh asks how? Later harak Singh and Harman are drinking. Harman tells him that the moon used to hear Soumya and him and says you would have told me that Soumya has done so much for me and ends friendship with him. Harak Singh makes him much drunk and asks him to drink more. He mixes tablets in Harman’s drink. Harman says I am drinking this as you gave me a new friend. He says good night. Harak Singh takes him to his room. Preeto gets Mahi ready and says today is the important day of your life, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Harak Singh brings him to his room. Mahi and Preeto look at him. Preeto tells Mahi that today is her test and says you have to become Soumya for sometime and make Harman yours today. Mahi says I am very scared, this is betrayal. Preeto says there is no other way out, if you don’t unite with him then we will lose our son and you will lose your husband. She has made Mahi dressed up like Soumya. Harak Singh and Preeto go out of room. Preeto tells Harak Singh that Harman shall get over madness for Soumya today.

Harman is sleeping. Mahi wears Soumya’s bangle and comes near Harman. She calls Harman as Harman ji and asks him to get up. She asks why you drink so much and asks him to get up. Harman opens his eyes and sees Soumya in Mahi. Mahi sits on bed and says I missed you so came. Harman says you have come, so don’t go. Mahi says I will never leave you. He touches her hairs and says you are not my Gulabo, move back. Mahi shows Soumya’s bangle and says how can you forget your Gulabo. Harman again imagines her as Soumya. Tu hi mera khuda plays…

Soumya gets up from sleep and says what are you doing Harman ji. She thinks I have no right on Harman ji, don’t bring me closer to him even in dream. She prays to Mata rani and asks her to make him of Mahi fully. Harman asks her to promise that she will never leave him. Mahi promises him that she will never leave him. Harman says I love you. Mahi hugs him and switches off the lights.

Next morning, Harman gets up and finds broken bangles on the bed. Mahi comes there. He asks what the broken bangle was doing on my bed. Mahi says you was very drunk, I brought you to bed with much difficulty. Harman says I got married to you and haven’t given you right to touch me. He goes. Mahi picks Soumya’s bangle and says I want to win your husband by betrayal. She says these bangle and Harman ji will be yours also and I can’t snatch him from you. She says truth is that you are his everything and I am nobody to him. She cries.

Harman is going to his room. Mahi tries to stop him. He ignores her and goes. It is shown days and months are passing by. Soumya helps Vedant get fine and help him walk. Mahi sees Harman spoiling his life and engrossed in Soumya’s thoughts. Soumya also misses Harman and cries when alone. After two months, Harman tells Preeto that he took 5000 from her purse. Preeto asks him to take bahu for shopping. Harak Singh takes money from his hand and asks if he wants it for wine. Harman says then how I will live. Harak Singh says I will not give. Harman says but I can get a poison.

Harak Singh gives him money and asks him not to take advantage of his love. Mahi says I will come with you and will return with you. Harman says your safety is your responsibility. Harak Singh asks Preeto to handle Harman. Shanno thinks I will make sure that your try is not successful.

Vedant, Rohan and Soumya come out for shopping. Rohan asks did that heroine meet her hero? Vedant says no, they got separated for forever. Harman brings Mahi to the market and asks her to buy whatever she wants and then go home. Rohan sees Harman and recalls seeing him. He calls him hero and comes to him. He says I have seen your pic in my Mami’s phone. Harman says my pic. Soumya and Vedant come there. Rohan says they are his Mama and Mami. Vedant says lets go and have icecream. Rohan asks Harman to come. Harman says I don’t eat icecream. Rohan takes him forcibly to icecream cart. He says I called you from my Mami’s phone and when Mami brought milk, I kept phone on side. Vedant thinks so this is how Harman came to know about the truth and asks him to tell why he came India? Rohan says I came here to attend my Mama’s marriage.

Precap: Doctor checks Harman and says if he don’t drink wine then he can die. Mahi comes to Soumya and asks her to save Harman ji if not for her then for her baby. Soumya is shocked.

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