Shakti 31st July 2019 Written Update

Shakti 31st July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 31st July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harman asking Rohan if his Mama and Mami are not married. Soumya says uncle ji wants our marriage to happen grandly as we had a hush hush wedding. He throws icecream and goes. Rohan says it is bad manners. Vedant asks if heroes have bad manners. Rohan says no. He thinks to take her out of India. Soumya comes to Harman and says I came to know that you go home late? Harman says I go whenever I wanted, it is not in my way. Preeto says Mahi will come with Harman. Harman is drinking badly and recalls Soumya’s words. Mahi thinks she will go home with Harman only. Rohan says hero might be rude with heroine and that’s why heroine must have left hero. Soumya says no, may be heroine did something and hurt hero’s heart. Harman is drinking somewhere and thinks to give answer to Soumya. He

comes to market. Mahi sees him and says I was calling since a long time. Harman says I asked you to go home. Mahi says I told you that I will go with you. Harman says Soumya would have been with me and asks her not to talk about togetherness. She says you love Soumya very much and says she also wants to love him so much. He says you are confessing love to someone who is booked for someone else for 7 births.
Next morning, Mani tells Harak Singh that Harman is sleeping as he was drinking till 4 am. She gets vomiting and runs. Preeto recalls her planning and gets happy. She tells Harak Singh that there is a good news. Harak Singh gets happy and dances. He tells that he is going to be Dada. Harman wakes up and says how can you become dada when I can’t become a father. Harak Singh calls Harman and says he got a good news today. Harman comes there and holds Mahi, asks what nonsense his parents are talking. Preeto says she is your wife and will become mother of your baby. Harman shouts and vents out his pain. He says I am just of Soumya even if she don’t give me children. He asks Mahi, how dare you to come close to me. He asks her to tell truth and picks a glass piece.

Preeto comes and stands infront of Mahi. Harman asks did you all cheat with me? He says if I become of someone else then I will take my life. He threatens to cut his nerve. Harak Singh says I was joking to know your reaction. Preeto says we were joking and takes the glass piece from his hand. Harman says I am a human and not an animal. He asks them to stop testing him and asks Preeto to give him money. Mahi cries. Harak Singh refuses to give him money and asks him to drink in room. He says when you don’t like our joke then I will not give money. Harman asks them to keep the money with themselves. Harak Singh says I will come with you. Harman asks him to sit there and see the dream. He says you people made my life hell. Mahi cries. Preeto asks her not to be sad and asks her to take rest. She says baby will unite Harman and her and asks her to watch Luv kush programme. She says she will go to temple and offer Prasad in temple. Raavi is surprised to know.

Preeto comes to temple and tells that she is very happy today as Harman is going to be father soon. She thanks God and sees Soumya standing behind her. She says you have come? Soumya says you called me here? Preeto says Harman has moved on in life and his baby will be born in few months. She says when a man’s wife is full woman, I can’t explain to you about the happiness and not even you can understand. She says she will not get mallika’s curse now. Soumya says this is the biggest happiness and says she is very happy. She says she will pray that his family stays safe and happy. Preeto asks her to pray. Soumya comes inside the temple and thanks mata rani. She says you know that my happiness is truthful and asks her to keep Harman’s family blessed. Preeto hears her hiding and thinks baby will become a wall between Harman and Soumya. She says my prayers are answered. Pandit ji reads that humans get punished in his life if they have done wrong. Soumya comes home and tells Soham that his younger brother is going to be born and he will call her Maa. Harman is walking on the road and says people say that world is round, but he couldn’t meet Soumya. Neighbors feel bad of his condition and blames his family for separating him with Soumya. Harak Singh comes and scolds them. He takes Harman home.

Rohan tells Soumya that today is his birthday. Soumya wishes him happy birthday. Soham cries. Soumya goes to attend it. Harak Singh and Veeran tie Harman on to the bed. Harman asks why did you tie me and tell that just a few days left. Harak Singh scolds him and asks him not to tell again. Harman says don’t know if I be there to get your slap or not and asks him to slap him now. Harak Singh asks him to sit there. Harman says you people wanted Soumya to go from my life and she went and she used to say that wine is her sautan, so I have to take support of her sautan. Harak Singh asks if this is a joke? Harman says Harman and Soumya’s love is made a joke and people are enjoying. Harak Singh says you are giving a chance to them to enjoy. He asks everyone to go to their rooms. Harman says I will go very far, nobody can stop me.

Later Raavi and Sindhu come to room to feed him food, but he is not in the room. They leave from home to search him. Mahi is shocked. Bansal, Vedant, Soumya and others celebrate Rohan’s birthday in the restaurant. Soumya feels presence there. Harman asks bartender to take his watch and give him wine. Soumya is about to go, but Vedant holds her hand and says di and jiju are here, I don’t want any tamasha. The bartender tells that they want cash and not wine. Rohan sees Harman and runs to him. Soumya says I will bring him. Vedant asks his jiju to order food and goes there. Rohan asks Harman how is he? Harman sees Soumya, you came with sasural people and have party. Soumya asks what are you doing here? Bartender laughs and says he is asking for wine inexchange of watch. Harman asks why are you laughing. Vedant gives money and asks him to give wine to Harman, says today is Rohan’s birthday. Harman wishes him happy birthday, thanks him and takes the wine box.

Soumya and Rekha are doing puja of the banyan tree. Preeto brings Mahi there and asks her to do the puja of the banyan tree, says whoever wife does the puja here, her husband will be saved. Mahi does the puja and prays for Harman. Soumya is also doing puja for Harman’s well being and long life. Soumya sees Preeto and Shanno standing there. She then sees Mahi and calls her. She comes to her and says I got the good news and I am very happy to know that Harman’s baby will come in this world. She says I want to give you whatever you want and asks what do you want? Mahi recalls Harman’s words and asks her to go very far from Harman and her life. Soumya looks on.

Precap: Doctor tells that if Harman don’t end drinking now then he can die. Mahi comes to Soumya and asks her to stop Harman if not for her then for her baby. Soumya comes to Harak Singh’s house to stop Harman.

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