Shakti 5th August 2019 Written Update

Shakti 5th August 2019 Written Update by Sona

Shakti 5th August 2019 Written Episode

Vedant blames that Suomya is marrying him, and also meeting Harman. Suomya claims that her relationship with Harman is extremely pious, and none can break it. Vedant forces her to call Harman and tell him she won’t come to meet. Suomya wasn’t ready. Vedant threatens to kill Harman. Suomya slaps Vedant. Vedant asserts that this time she will be defeated, Harman and their love will be defeated this time. Suomya questions from whom? He has been playing tricks to get love from a kinner, he is the loser. Suomya and Harman’s love has always been victorious, and time will prove this once again.

Mahi brings medicine to Harman. Harman says if Suomya comes to meet him daily, he will be fine himself. Mahi says Suomya is doing her part, she wants to do hers; she insists on him to take the medicine. He takes

the medicine then stops Mahi to speak to her. He says she will surely dislike if Suomya comes to meet him daily. He is her husband, but he tried to forget Suomya a lot. He attempted to forget her as well, but couldn’t. He requests not to be bitter on Suomya. Mahi says she convinced Suomya to come over, how she can be bitter. She asks Harman to take care of himself, this is what Mahi wants. Preeto hears the conversation from outside.
In the corridor, Shanno asks Mahi what kind of a girl she is. If she let Suomya meet Harman daily, their love story will reignite. Only Mahi will burn in that fire. She should understand that Harman is her husband, and only she must take care of him. Preeto comes to say its Shanno who is advising, she herself couldn’t take care of her house and family. If Suomya can save her Harman, no one will stop Suomya. Ravi comes there and reminds Preeto how badly she behaved with Suomya. Preeto replies there was no other way. Ravi says she must not find ways, but goals.

At night, Suomya stood in the window and thinks about her promise to Harman. Mahi and Harman also stared at the moon.
Vedant comes to the hall and finds Suomya lost. He dials a call to Preeto. Preeto comes out of the room and takes the call. Vedant warns Preeto that Suomya must stop meeting Harman. Preeto says Harman will only leave wine and get well if he meets Suomya. She insists on him to convince Suomya otherwise, else she doesn’t care. Vedant was irked.
In the room, Preeto confronts Harak Singh. He asks Preeto if she is with Vedant. He asks why she does that. He wish no parents love their children so much that they destroy their lives. Preeto cries and not ready to accept she is responsible. She was ready to do anything for Harman. She asks where she went wrong. Harak Singh hugs the crying mother.

The next morning, Suomya was ready to leave. Vedant asks where she is going. Suomya says he knows where she is going, he is also aware she won’t stop. Harman and Suomya’s love is extremely courageous, and it’s about sacrifice. Vedant decides to test the power of her love. He breaks a glass vase in her path and challenges her to walk on this glass and leave; he won’t stop her.

Harman sat with his wine bottle. Preeto prays that Suomya is needed here, may she get the strength to reach here.
Suomya asks Vedant what foolishness this is. Vedant smirks that she accepted the defeat so easily. He tells her to stop the drama and go to the room. Suomya walks on the glass pieces, feeling them as rose petals, a smile spreading on her face. She could watch Harman ahead, with his hand held to her. She asks Vedant if he has testified enough. Can she now leave?

At Harak Singh’s house, Harman was happy to see Suomya.

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