Shakti 6th August 2019 Written Update

Shakti 6th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 6th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya coming to Harak Singh’s house and smiles. Harman walks towards her and smiles. Tere Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays….He signs her to dance. They have a dance. It is his imagination. Soumya comes there and reminds him of his promise that he will not drink. Harman says I was just holding the bottle and would have drink it if you had not come. Mahi says why you held it, Soumya comes daily. Soumya says I will make tea for you. Mahi says I will make tea. Preeto says Mahi will make tea. Harman says Soumya will make. Shanno sends Mahi to make tea. Preeto asks Soumya to make Harman have medicine and shows the medicine. Raavi comes and asks who is making Harman have medicine and asks Preeto to give her some name. Sindhu tells Harman that it is not right for him to call Gulabo infront

of his wife. Shanno scolds her. Raavi says what wrong Sindhu is saying. Sindhu says what we will say when someone asks who is coming to make him eat medicine. Shanno says tell that Vedant Bansal’s wife is coming. Harman says no and asks her to tell that his Gulabo is coming for him. Soumya says you had said that you thought to call your wife as Gulabo since your childhood and asks him to call Mahi as Gulabo now. She says Mahi has the only right on this name. Mahi brings tea. Harman says I can’t give this name to anyone, Mahi is not my Gulabo and can never be. Soumya says she is your wife and what she will think if you call me as Gulabo. Harman says my life is filled with troubles and says he don’t want to think who is related to him. He goes to room. Preeto asks Mahi to give tray to Soumya. Mahi gives tea tray to Soumya. Soumya takes tray and goes to room.
Vedant is in the room and thinks how Soumya walked on the glass pieces to go to Harman. Rohan knocks on the door and asks Vedant how he can sleep when his wife is missing. Rekha takes Rohan with her. Vedant looks at the glass pieces and says Harman and Soumya’s love are having power. She walked on the glass pieces to meet him and damn with my love. He puts the glass pieces on the ground and walks on it. Mushkil karne jeena mera song….He recalls her words and says you are just mine, your love power can’t be more than my obsession.

Shanno asks Mahi what she is thinking seeing Preeto sending Soumya to his room. She says may girls came to marry him, but nobody succeeds. She asks her to be careful and says you will not know when Soumya will take away Harman from here, making him drink tea, biscuits and medicine and you will not know when you have lost him.

Harman tells Soumya that he has burnt her things when she left the house, but he imagines her setting her hairs standing infront of mirror and throwing pillow on him. He says I sleep peacefully as nobody wakes me up and moves this curtain. He asks how you are living? Soumya says I saw two dreams twice. Harman asks about Vedant. Soumya says I saw you bringing Mahi to park and you both have a baby. She says Soham is happy to see him. She says we are happy seeing your family and hopes his dream fulfills soon. Harman is shocked and recalls Harak Singh and Preeto informing him about Mahi’s pregnancy and then refusing for it.

He shouts Harak Singh and asks what is happening in this house. He says one day you had told about Mahi’s pregnancy and then refused. He says today Soumya has seen the dream that Mahi has a baby. He asks Preeto. Preeto says Mahi is pregnant with your child. Mahi says mummy ji is joking, this is not true. Harman holds her hand to take her to doctor. Soumya stops him and says Mahi is pregnant with your baby. Harman asks her to stop joking and says how can she have my baby in her womb. Soumya asks Mahi to say truth. Harman asks her to say the truth. Preeto asks Harak Singh to let this happen today. Harman asks Mahi, did you all betray me. Mahi nods her head crying.

Mahi says those broken bangle on the bed that day is the prove that your baby is my womb. Harman recalls asking Mahi to move back and then asking her about the bangle. Mahi lying to him that she is Gulabo and then lying about the bangle. Fb ends. Mahi says it is my mistake that you saw Gulabo in me. Harman pushes her. Soumya holds her and confronts Harman for his behavior. She says Mahi is your wife and your baby’s mother. Harman says you all betray me. Soumya says they betray you to make you accept her. She asks him to accept Mahi and give fatherly love to this baby. Soumya asks him to promise. Harman asks why you want to interfere? Soumya says I will interfere as I am your first wife and Mahi is my sautan. I have small right on you both.

Harman asks her to go to her home. Soumya says I will not go until you promise me to take care of Mahi. Harak Singh says it happened but. Harman says I am ashamed of my parents to cheat with me for their advantage. He says I have understood that if I was educated then nobody would have used me and made me a puppet to make me dance. He claps and leaves from the house. Raavi says this kinnar did another favor on this house and asks everyone to see.

Precap: Vedant asks Soumya to drink poison. Soumya says how you will save yourself from Harman and drinks it. Harman waits for Soumya.

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