Shakti 7th August 2019 Written Update

Shakti 7th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 7th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rekha’s husband asking Vedant how he got injured. Vedant says he didn’t see and got hurt. Bansal asks where is bahu? Vedant says she must be busy and that’s why not picking the call. Rekha asks if everything is right between Soumya and you. He says yes and asks her to bring food for her. Harman and Soumya are standing outside near the lake, something goes in his eye. Soumya blows on his eye. He looks at her. tu hi mera khuda plays..She realizes and moves away. Harman says my family betrayed me and made me fell down in my own eyes. He says how I will tell the world that I was just of Soumya. Soumya says whatever happens is for good and says his respect will never be less in her eyes. Harman says what people will say that I got closer to someone in drunkard state. He says I am

guilty of you and Mahi. He says I called you bewafa, but I became bewafa. Soumya says we both are bewafa to spend time here. She says I can’t be away from you, but I can’t throw pillow on you and will not be combing my eyes standing in your room, and will not open the window and disturb your sleep. She says I will be with you always in some avatar. Harman says we both are bewafa and we both are incomplete. Soumya says yes and says we both are bewafa and incomplete too. He is about to hold her hand. She stops him and says only Mahi can come closer to you and not me.
Harman asks what is your right then? Preeto, Harak Singh, Raavi, Mahi and others come there. Soumya sees them and says I have no right on you. She says I will come tomorrow to see you giving rights to Mahi and her baby and says you will not drink wine now. Harman looks sad. Soumya leaves. Harman says this is the same Harman Singh and says what I was and what you people made me. He says he is standing at the place when he can’t live or can’t die. Soumya sits at the side of road and takes out the slipper feeling pain in her injured feet. She hopes Harman accept Mahi and her baby soon. She is walking with much difficulty. Preeto comes there and sees her injured feet. She says whatever I did with you and whatever you have done for our family, I don’t know shall I touch your feet and how to thank you. Soumya says Harman and I are going through a pain and nothing can lesser the pain. She says you forgot that Harman’s happiness is not in complete woman, but in incomplete woman. She asks her to handle Harman and make him understand to accept Mahi. She turns and sees Mahi standing. Mahi says you have realized your mistake that you have separated them and asks what to do now. She says Shanno asks him to show right on Harman. Preeto asks her to remember that only a complete woman completes a man and says if you want then I will apologize to you also.

Soumya is coming home and sees Vedant walking with much difficulty. She is shocked. Vedant says our love power is equal now. You walked on glass for Harman and I walked for you. Soumya asks what is this madness? He says you can’t understand my love. Soumya says you can’t understand it, as love is stubbornness for you and says love is sacrifice, be happy with someone’s else baby etc. She says your love is just madness. Harman is about to drink wine and recalls promising Soumya. He closes the bottle. Mahi comes and says shall I tell you something. She says if you think that this baby is a sin then come with me to hospital and get this baby aborted. She says trust me, nobody will stop you. Harman goes to bed upset.

Chameli tells Saya that Soumya told truth to Harman about his baby as per his family’s wish. Saya says Soumya always saves Harman forgetting herself. She says 7 days left for Vedant and her marriage. Chameli says she will not marry him. Kinnar standing there says if she kills herself. Saya gets worried.

Vedant comes to Soumya. Soumya says you came to test my love again. Vedant says yes and adds poisons in the glass. He says I can’t see you going to Harman again and again and can’t throw glass piece again. He asks her to drink the poison.

He says after this moment, you will remain in Harman and my memories. I will tease him that I saw you last. He gives glass to her. Harak Singh asks Mahi about Harman. Shanno says Soumya will come and wake him up. Preeto says Soumya will not come, may be Vedant will not let her come. Vedant asks if she is scared or will tell the family. He says even I have so much to tell him and asks her to drink poison and end this matter for all. Soumya says I can drink poison for Harman, not once, but thousand’s time and says you have to think how to save yourself from Harman and says when he comes to know you then he will not leave you. She drinks the poison and gives glass to his hand. Harman wakes up shouting her name.

Precap: Soumya says she is going to Harman now and want to cover the distance she could cover before death so that people say that Soumya died at Harman Singh’s way. Harman asks about Soumya. Soumya comes near the door and falls down.

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