Shakti 8th August 2019 Written Update

Shakti 8th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 8th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Vedant that she is going to Harman now as when she dies then people can say that she died on the way of Harman. She walks towards door and is about to fall. Vedant holds her and says there was no poison in it. I wanted to see your strength and says nothing can stop you, but I will stop you. Rekha comes there. Vedant says she don’t want to come for marriage shopping. Rekha asks if everything is fine and asks her to get ready. Soumya thinks to inform Preeto. Preeto informs Harman that yesterday when Soumya was walking to his room, she saw her injured feet and says may be Vedant did something to stop her. She says today she called and said that she is going to buy wedding dress for her marriage with Vedant so she will not come. Harman gets upset and goes out. Vedant and

Soumya are in the car. Vedant speeds up the car seeing Harman standing. Soumya stops the car and comes out of car. Vedant also comes out of car. Harman blames him for injuring Soumya’s feet so that she don’t meet him. Vedant calls the people on road and tells that Harman is behind his marriage after remarrying. The man tells Harman that it is wrong on his part to do this. Soumya says it is our personal matter. Harman says this man is the devil and asks her to show the feet. Soumya shows her injured feet. Vedant shows his injured feet and says fish aquarium fell down with Soumya’s hand and that’s how they got injured. Harman asks her to tell truth.
Vedant tells Harman that if he had kept her happy then she wouldn’t have come to him. Soumya asks Vedant not to blame Harman and says she is the one who went to meet him. The lady calls her kinnar and unfaithful. Harman says she is very much faithful than you and tells that he asked her to come so that he can leave drinking. Vedant asks him to go else people will humiliate Soumya so much that you can’t bear. Harman goes upset. Vedant asks Soumya to come to buy marriage dress. Harak Singh tells that Harman didn’t come till now. Shanno says he must be drinking somewhere as Soumya didn’t come. Harman comes there and says you people look good conspiring against Soumya and me, claps and says God give her such a family. He goes to room and cries. Preeto comes and says what happened? Harman says I was her pride, but if she meets me then she will be stained. She says if she meets me then she will be called as characterless. He says world is such, they behave this way with all the lovers. He cries. Preeto hugs him and cries.

Door bell rings. Preeto says Soumya must have come and asks him not to cry, says she will open the door. Soumya comes there. Preeto calls Harman and says Soumya has come. Soumya walks inside the house. Harman asks why did you come so late in night. Soumya says I came to fulfill my promise, it doesn’t matter whether it is day or night. Harman says it matters, as the night is dark and its black ink will stain on your Pallu. Soumya says I am not afraid of my reputation, but…Harman says I will not drink wine anymore and asks her not to come to meet him again.
Harman says I will not do anything which will force my family to call you from your house. He says I will drop you. Raavi says let her sit here for sometime. Harman says if she sits here then her respect will be ruined, which I can’t bear. He holds her hand and says I will drop her. Harak Singh says Veeran will drop her. Harman says no, I will drop her to the right place. Soumya gets emotional. Tu hi mera khuda plays…

Harman and Soumya are walking together on the road. Soumya says are you sure that you will not drink wine. Harman says your promise. I will not break my promise. Soumya asks if he will keep Mahi happy. Harman says I will try, but I will not call her Gulabo. Soumya asks him to love baby. Harman asks will you tell Soham about me as you took promise from me, not to meet him. Soumya says yes and says Soham will meet his younger brother and then he will know about his father also. They get teary eyes and walks away from each other crying.

Precap: Soumya sits for her haldi rasam and thinks she will die as Harman’s wife. She thinks to give her life and solve all the problems.

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