Shakti 9th August 2019 Written Update

Shakti 9th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 9th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya to take care of herself. Soumya says even you shall take of yourself and remember the promise. Harman and Soumya start walking in different directions. They both are teary eyes and cries. Soumya walks inside the house. Kabhi alvida na kehna plays. Their moments are shown. He says Gulabo and she says Harman ji and turn towards each other. He says you are not my wife and that’s why I can’t touch you, but from far. He signs as dancing with her. She also signs as dancing with him.

Later Soumya sits for her haldi rasam and is sad. Vedant looks at her. Rekha applies haldi to Vedant and then Soumya. The song continues to play. The guest ladies apply haldi to them. Rekha finds Soumya sad and asks if she is not happy. Soumya says no. Rekha asks her to be happy

then and says you both will get tied in a relationship. They all dance, but Soumya is still sad.
Harman wakes up in his room and feels head ache. He thinks to drink some wine and recalls promising Soumya. He thinks not to drink wine and says I have sworn on Soumya. Shanno comes there and says you woke up, it is good. He says you asked Soumya not to come here, now this house respect and your home will be set. She asks him to drink wine and says she brought it. She asks him to drink and says you will leave it soon. Harman says you are so good and takes good care of me. He says everyone shall know this, lets tell this to them. Shanno asks him not to tell anyone and asks him to just drink. Harman says your thinking is so good and says lets tell them how you take care of me. He goes out. Shanno tries to stop him. Harman goes downstairs and calls everyone. He tells that Shanno gave him wine for his headache and says Soumya don’t care about me and want me to leave drinking. Preeto calls her snake in sleeve and says you want to kill my son. Harman says everyone thinks wrong about Soumya and haven’t seen the family member who is aiming at my life.

Vedant stops Soumya and asks where is she going? Soumya says she is allergic to haldi and is going to clean her face. Vedant looks on upset. Hamran wakes up and imagines Soumya everywhere in his room, beside him on the bed, near the dressing table etc. He gets up and thinks if you appear infront of day and night then how can I stay away from you. He imagines Soumya asking him to dance.

Mahi comes there. Harman asks him to sit and talk to him, as he is seeing Soumya everywhere. He asks her to divert his attention. She says she made his favorite badam ka halwa. Harman asks how did you make it? Mahi says how she made it. Soumya calls Preeto and asks if Harman ji started drinking again. Preeto says no, he has promised you. Soumya says ok and ends the call. She thinks he didn’t break his promise, but what shall I do? She thinks I can’t marry anyone except Harman, can’t tell anyone and can’t run away from here, as Harman will come behind me and will find me where ever I go. She thinks what to do and thinks if I give my life then all my problems will end.

She takes bath and comes wearing saree of Harman’s choice. She breaks the fake mangalsutra of Vedant’s name and wears earrings, bindi. She says I might have someone’s haldi applied, but I will be yours always and will die as your suhagan. She applies sindoor in her maang and recalls her marriage with Harman. She comes out of her room and goes from behind the hall. Vedant sees her going to terrace. Soumya goes to terrace and looks down. She says I promised you that I will be with you always, but the circumstances forces me to leave the life and go forever. She apologizes to Harman and is about to fall down, but Vedant comes and holds her hand stopping her from falling down. Soumya asks why did you stop me? Vedant says you will not die until we marry? He says I don’t want you to make Harman and your love story immortal. I want you to die as my suhagan. Soumya asks until when you will stop me and says I will not marry you. Vedant says you have to marry, my obsession is more than your stubborn.

Precap: Mr. Bansal tells decorators that marriage will not happen now. Vedant aims gun at him and says he will marry her. He takes her in car. Mr. Bansal calls Harman and tells that Vedant is marrying Soumya forcibly.

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