Shakti 9th October 2019 Written Update

Shakti 9th October 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 9th October 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya doing Mata Rani’s aarti while others stand folding their hands. She says Jai Mata Di. Harak Singh says Jai. Soumya gives aarti to Heer first and prays for world’s best happiness to her. Heer gives aarti to Soumya and wishes same for her. Soham asks Soumya to give food. Soumya says ok. Heer takes aarti plate from her hand and gets her hand burnt. Soumya gets worried and blows on her hand. She says you got your hand burnt and says she will look after her. Soham shouts calling Soumya and says he is hungry. He sees Soumya caring for Heer much. Shanno comes to Soham and says this is not right, you call her mother, but her motherly love is for Heer. Soham says so what, Heer is my sister. Shanno says you are small, tells that heer is not his sister. Soham asks him not to say like

that. Shanno asks did Soumya worry for him much and asks him to ask Soumya to make him sit on her lap and feed him food. She says Soumya will not make you sit on her lap as that place is of Heer. Soham comes to Soumya is feeding food to Heer while Rohan is eating food from his plate. Soham comes to Soumya and insists to sit on her lap and eat food. Soumya says ok and asks him to sit on her other leg, but he refuses. He asks Heer to get down from Soumya leg. Soumya asks him to sit on her lap and says she will make both of them eat food. Soham gets angry and goes from there. Heer refuses to eat too. Shanno thinks now she can enquire Heer’s truth.
Soham is in his room and thinks of Shanno’s words. Soumya comes to him and asks what she is teaching him since years. Soham says you just care for her and says he don’t want to talk to her. Soumya asks him to calm down and listen to him. Soham says she don’t want to listen. Soumya gets angry and raises her hand. Preeto stops her and takes her from there. shanno takes Heer to her room on the pretext of making her eat food. Mahi sees her taking her and thinks truth will come out. Preeto and Soumya come down and asks about heer. Mahi says she went upstairs. Shanno asks Heer to have some food. Heer refuses to eat food, but Shanno asks her to eat. Heer says ok. Shanno makes her eat food and then makes her drink water. She spills water intentionally on her clothes and then says sorry. She thinks she will know her secret now. Heer says I will wipe it. Preeto and Soumya search heer in every room. Vedant calls Soumya and says he is waiting for her eagerly. Soumya says your wait will finally end and it will be our last meet. Vedant says I have my eyes on you all and ends the call. Preeto asks what did he say? Soumya says he said that his eyes are on us. Rohan comes there. Soumya asks did you see Heer? Rohan says no. They worriedly search Heer. Shanno asks Heer to remove her clothes and wraps herself with towel. She then locks the door. Heer gets shocked and knocks on the door asking Gulabo to open the door. Shanno asks why are you knocking on the door. Everyone comes there hearing Heer shouting asking Soumya to open the door. Harak Singh asks Shanno to open the door. Shanno opens the door.

Heer runs to Soumya and hugs her. Soumya asks what happened? Heer says nothing. Soumya kisses her on her cheeks. She looks at Preeto and recalls telling Heer that if someone takes her to room and locks the door from inside then she shall shout loudly. Heer asks why? Preeto says you are a girl and shall learn about your protection. Heer asks if your mother and Dadi taught this. Preeto says yes. Soumya says when everyone asks what happened then you shall say that nothing. Fb ends. Harak Singh asks Heer why she shouted then? Preeto says she must be scared seeing Shanno locking the door. Soumya takes Heer with her.

Shanno comes back to room. Preeto says you had left your kids in mayka, how you will know that kids get scared when the door is locked. Shanno says why she will lock the door intentionally. Preeto slaps her and asks why did you take her inside and locked the door. Shanno says Soham and Heer had a fight and tells she took Heer to room to feed her food. Preeto warns her to stay away from Heer and says I will kick you out. Shanno thinks now I will find out about Heer and will take revenge for this slap.

Precap: Heer goes out of room upset. Arjun messages Vedant that Heer went out alone. Vedant holds something (maybe Heer) and finds Police coming there.

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