Sherdil Shergill 31st January 2023 Written Update

Sherdil Shergill 31st January 2023 Written Update by Amena

Sherdil Shergill 31st January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Choti happily hugging Bhairav. Manmeet says I m so sorry to interrupt, how is this possible, she isn’t an architect. Hussain says there are some company rules, MD should know the architecture basics. Bhairav says she is my daughter, its my company, am I an architect, Choti is sharp, its good for Manmeet, its my rules here, she will join from tomorrow. Choti hugs him and thanks. She asks which is my cabin. He says anything you want. She thanks him and says love you dad. He asks Murari to come. They leave. Choti hugs Manmeet and says we will get a chance to spend time in office, smile, I will see you tomorrow, who is he. Hussain says he is our client. Choti says smart clients come here, it will be fun. She goes. Hussain gets angry and says they will ruin our company. Manmeet says Nirali told Raj and me, that dad will come and do something in office, this is it. He says please don’t argue about Abhishek, you have to handle this, if you give any reactions, then Choti will doubt. Bhairav, Choti and Murari come home. She asks when shall I join the office, I m so excited. Murari says I didn’t know this is your plan. She says I want a visiting card also. Bhairav says stop dreaming, whatever I told that, it was to scare Manmeet, you can never become MD. She asks why did you take me there. He says you will know it soon.

Abhishek asks are you leaving. Manmeet says yes. He asks did your father in law buy this company, Priyanka told me. She asks what else did you talk. He says everything, leaving our secret. She says we have no secret. He says Hussain told me that you will work with me on this project. She says yes, I can’t refuse, I m a partner. He says nice family, how old is your son. He says one year old. He says marriage happened one month back, isn’t it strange. She says I don’t like to discuss personal life. He asks can we go for dinner or coffee. She says my husband and son are waiting for me, I would like to go home, I will see you tomorrow. She goes. He sees the family pic.

She comes home. She stumbles by the toys. Raj says mumma has come. She asks what is all of this. Raj says we are painting, see Anmol made this. She scolds him. Puneet comes and asks why are you shouting on Raj, he is handling Anmol well. Manmeet says there are rules in my house, my son should have slept by 8pm. Raj says Anmol wasn’t ready to sleep without you, he was waiting for you, I m also his dad. She takes Anmol. She goes. Raj says I will clean all this. Raj gets the dinner. He sees Manmeet sleeping. She wakes up in the morning. She cries seeing the drawings. Raj wakes up. She greets him. She says sorry, you had made soup for me, I had much work at office, my focus was on you and Anmol. She gets Hussain’s call. She says I just woke up, you handle it till I come. She says we will talk in the evening. Raj says okay, I didn’t make breakfast, there is beetroot juice in the fridge. She says thanks, I m lucky to have you. He says you are, be on time, we have to attend the neighbor Agarwal’s son’s birthday party.

Puneet calls Nirali and says I want to say sorry to lie to you, they have seen many storms, I don’t trust anyone. Nirali asks why are you telling me now. Puneet says Manmeet told me that you wish good for Raj and her, what’s going on in the office. Nirali says I don’t know much. Raj gets angry and says now its Anmol’s turn. Abhishek says we have a lot of work to do today, we have a late night flight. Manmeet recalls Raj’s words.

Precap: Anmol is with Rajkumar, Rajkumar introduces himself as house husband. Abhishek says to Manmeet this is your choice, he is no competition, and good looking at this I can say we would never stay longer together. Rajkumar warns Abhishek. Manmeet says to Rajkumar why are you being so possessive? Rajkumar feels bad.

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