Sherdil Shergill 7th February 2023 Written Update

Sherdil Shergill 7th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Sherdil Shergill 7th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nirali asking who is Abhishek. Manmeet says I was going to marry him three years ago, it was an arranged marriage, I refused to him, he went to Dubai, he came now to do business with our company, Raj knows it. Nirali says they are saying they heard you saying bad about Raj. Manmeet says it’s a lie. Raj says it wasn’t a lie, it was all true, you said you regret to marry me, I have this regret. She asks what are you saying. Bhairav says I got the proof with me. He plays the audio recording.

He says seeing your bad character, my son is broken, he loves you a lot, if I had told him about this, he would have not believed me, so I had to record all this. She asks where did you record this. He says outside your hotel. Raj says you regret marrying me, right, you don’t deny this now. She says its my voice, how did dad get this recording. Raj says it doesn’t matter. She says someone is doing wrong with us. He says no, I have heard and seen everything. Bhairav says Nirali, you were doubting me for this characterless girl, she doubted us, I will not calm down, you trusted this girl, she ruined our son. Choti smiles. Nirali says it was a coincidence that we reached there, Abhishek left and Anmol was born, I m sure that Anmol is Abhishek’s son. Manmeet says its enough. Bhairav says you want to name the child to anyone, you got married so you got Abhishek back. She asks Raj are you listening, why is he silent, how is his dad talking to her. She says Bhairav has crossed all limits today, you have to pay a price for this insult, I will show you your place. Raj asks who will you show the place, I m the MD of that company, I will remove you from that post. She gets shocked. She leaves.

Bhairav says Nirali, don’t go after Raj, I will go to him. He goes. Nirali cries. Badi holds her. Bhairav goes to Raj and pacifies him. Raj asks why did Manmeet change so much, she was happy here, she said she regrets marrying me, I can’t imagine she will say this. Bhairav says you are foolish, you forgot that she rejected you many times, she insulted you. Murari says Raj, I would like to say that she used you for her sister’s marriage, she had hurt Nirali and Bhairav, she snatched their peace and joy. Choti says she found many excuses to avoid marrying you. Raj recalls. Bhairav says you are useless for her, when you got admitted in the hospital, I told her not to meet you, she said yes, what happened then, she didn’t care for you. Raj asks why didn’t I see this before. Bhairav says I m your dad. Raj says sorry I didn’t listen to you. Bhairav says its okay. Its morning, Bhairav asks where is Raj. Servant says he is sleeping. Bhairav says let him sleep, he has gone through a lot. Police comes. Inspector says we have come to take Murari, you had taken him out on bail, someone complaint against him last night, we can’t do anything, it’s a court order. He warns Bhairav.

Murari says Manmeet did this, I didn’t do anything. He gets arrested. Badi cries and asks Bhairav to see. Bhairav looks on. Badi comes to police station to meet Murari. He apologizes to her. She says I always told you to do your own business, we are seeing this day, I remember our marriage day, you were so innocent that time. He says after my dad passed away, I saw my dad in your dad, he did many favors on me, so I did whatever he told me. She asks how will I live without you, how long will they keep you here. Raj asks Bhairav why didn’t you save Murari. Bhairav says nobody cared for Murari, if I got arrested then this family would have shattered, Manmeet did this. Raj says I know dad, she had threatened us yesterday, her dad is a lawyer, he would have done this, we have to give her an answer in her language.

Precap: Bhairav meets Manmeet and offers a price to leave Rajkumar. Manmeet demands him 5000 crores. Rajkumar tells Nirali that he will divorce Manmeet and fix this problem.

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