Shivshakti 11th November 2023 Written Update

Shivshakti 11th November 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 11th November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiv telling Lakshmi that he will present this precious cloth to Devi Parvati. Lakshmi takes it and says I agree that the old lady’s love and emotions are in this clothes, but if you sent this to Parvati as gift then her emotions will be hurt. She says Parvati is Devi, but a woman also and must be waiting for your gift eagerly. She says you want to send this torn clothes to her, the matter is about her respect. Shiv says I am fulfilling her wish, by sending her valuable clothes of the world, and says he is leaving everything on her devotion. Parvati smiles in her Palace. Shiv Aghor hai plays……

Taraka sur tells that he will make the Devtas feel weak using his powers. Shankachur tells Tarakasur that they are ready. Taraka sur asks Asurs to get ready to go to Shiv and Shakti’s marriage to give them gift.

Shiv decorates the saree with flowers. Parvati tells Lakshmi that Mahadev’s inrention may not be wrong, but Parvati’s emotions will be hurt. She says even if Parvati understands then also Himalaya residents will not understand and will laugh at Parvati and Mahadev. Saraswati asks Lakshmi not to worry and says he is Mahadev. Mahadev covers the gift with the flowers. Lakshmi asks Narayan to do something. Mahadev asks Lakshmi to take it to himavan palace and don’t take it back, and says you shall wait until Parvati accepts it happily. Lakshmi is worried and hesitant, but takes it in her hand. Shivay….plays…..Narayan says you don’t know Lakshmi that you will become medium to convey an important message and teachings of Mahadev to the world.

Parvati’s friend like her clothes and tells that it has diamonds in it. She asks Parvati to see. Parvati says yes. The another friend/sevika says Parvati is waiting for most precious gift from Shiv. As Lakshmi comes to the Palace, the girls tell that how would be the clothes. Parvati is happy. Lakshmi comes to Parvati. Parvati asks if it is more good than my imagination. Lakshmi is tensed. Himavan tells that Mahadev will not send any ordinary stuff as he is Devon ke dev mahadev. Mainavati asks Lakshmi to show the wedding dress to her. Lakshmi is worried. Mainavati asks if everything is fine.

Lakshmi says yes and gives the gift to Parvati and Mainavati. Parvati sees the saree and gets shocked. Mainavati is also shocked. The Himalaya resident says even the poor person can afford this. A lady says if we have come from far away to see this. Parvati’s friend tells that it is not suitable for a Dasi also, it is worn out and old. Parvati says it is chosen by Shiv for me and I can’t be ordinary, surely it might be having something precious in it. Someone asks her to open it and see, may be it is beautiful from inside. The friend checks the saree and says it is torn, had stitching mark and has a hole too. She asks how can Shiv sent such saree for Parvati. Lakshmi feels sorry for Parvati. Everyone comments that Mahadev shouldn’t have done this, and feels pity on Parvati. Mainavati shouts everyone to leave. Deeti comes there and asks why you are asking everyone to leave.

She says the others are hesitant to say this, but I will say and says Mahadev has made fun of you all. Lakshmi says Deeti, why did you come here? Deeti says I came here as I am invited by Mahadev. She says she is feeling pain seeing parvati insult. She tells parvati that you are very unlucky, and says you asked a gift from Shiv, and he sent this. She asks Lakshmi how she can bring these saree for Parvati, and asks if Mahadev and you all think that Himavan and his family’s is suitable for this. Mainavati asks Lakshmi to take the saree back and tell Mahadev that he has upset them.

Message: Mahadev tells that there are many people in this house, who doesn’t have any deficit of anything, but they want more, and this wish don’t make them sleep. She says many people have less things which are enough to live their life, but still they sleep peacefully and are happy. He asks people to earn money, along with satisfaction.

Precap: The old lady asks where is the cloth kept by her. Shiv comes there and says it is in Himavan Palace. The lady goes there. Parvati has worn that saree. The lady asks Parvati to return her saree.

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