Shivshakti 19th September 2023 Written Update

Shivshakti 19th September 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 19th September 2023 Written Episode

Parvati chants Shiv. Gods feel happy hearing that Vindhya Kumar says he is not ready for this marriage as he himself is a Shiv devotee and understands bhasm/ash and Shiv bhakti/devotion, and if someone gets lost in bhasm and shiv bhakti, nobody can get him/her out of it. He tells his parents they should go now and tells same to his friend. Tarakasur says he is not his friend but asur king Tarakasur, he had befriended him to get extremely beautiful Parvati and will not go from here until he gets Parvati. Vindhya Kumar asks what is he talking about. Tarakasur says he came here with an intention to get Parvati as he loves her and if she doesn’t agree to accompany him happily, he will use force. Vindhya Kumar stops Tarakasur and says Tarakasur lusts for Parvati, but he will not let Tarakasur succeed in his evil intention.

Tarakasur kills Vindhya Kumar. Vindhya Kumar’s father reacts. Tarakasur kills even Vindhya Kumar’s father and mother. He asks Parvati not to get afraid of him, he is impressed seeing her devotion and wants to get lost in her; she should forget Shiv doesn’t want to accept her and accept him instead. Parvati says he has lost the meaning of love with his desire, he should leave from here as she belongs to only Shiv. Tarakasur says she looks more beautiful when she is angry, she should accept him easily or else he will use force on her; once she reaches asur lok, she will forget Shiv and start chanting his name instead. Himavan warns him to mind his words, he came here as a guest and eyeing on his dignity, he will not tolerate anyone attacking his daughter’s dignity. He pulls out his sword and challenges Tarakasur for a fight. Tarakasur easily defeats Himavan.

Narayan requests Mahadev to drop his adamancy as his devotee’s dignity is being attacked. He asks if Shiv doesn’t want to protect his devotee’s dignity, how much devotion he wants from his devotee. Shiv says devotion is going on since ages. Narayan asks till when he will be silent. Mahadev says a woman is powerful to protect herself. Parvati confronts Tarakasur for harming her father and says he will gain nothing from hit. Tarakasur attacks Himavan and Himavan collapses. Narad requests Mahadev to protect Parvati from Tarakasur as Tarakasur will not stop until he gets Parvati. Shiv says Narayan tied Tarakasur twice and can try to tie him even now. Narayan says he will go and try to protect Parvati. Mahadev asks how will he go there when Mainavati gave him an oath to stay away for 3 days just like Daksh tricked him to organize yagna, because of which he lost Sati.

Narayan says fate gives everyone a chance, be it gods or asur, he will not lose this chance. Mahadev says fate gave a chance to Parvati to prove herself, so Narayan shouldn’t waste Parvati’s chance. Tarakasur tells Parvati that she should accept him or else he will kill her parents and sister like he killed Vindhya Kumar and his family.

Mahadev asks what is a person’s best moment of life, it’s marriage for some and child’s birth for some; a present moment is the best moment of their life; they will realize it once they value it.

Precap: Parvati runs from Taraksur. Tarakasur says nobody is there to protect her from him. Parvati picks Shiv’s trishul and attacks him.

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