Shivshakti 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Shivshakti 23rd August 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 23rd August 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiv hearing the people’s prayers and thinks he has to go and tell them that Narayan and Brahma dev shall be prayed now. He says he will live with Sati’s memories. He is walking and coming there. The people are praying infront of the Shivling. Shiv comes there and asks what they are doing? The guy asks if you can’t see or hear that we are singing our Mahadev’s bhajan. He turns and sees Shiv. He says our Mahadev. Another guy says Mahadev has come here. Shiv asks them not to pray to him, and just pray to Narayan and Brahmadev. The people tell that they are his devotees. Shiv tells that he wants loneliness, and asks him not to pray to him. The guy says if we stop praying you, then who will relieve our troubles and pain. Shiv asks them to tell what is their problem, so that he solves their problems at once, and then he don’t want them to pray to him. A guy says he is very poor. Shiv gives him wealth using his powers.

The guy gets happy. Another guy says he can’t get up or walk. Shiv gives him boon so that he stands up on his legs and can run. The third guy says yesterday my wife died, for whom you have cut the woods for her pyre, I was praying to you so that my heart gets peaceful. Mahadev says who can understand his pain better than him, and says he will not let anyone’s wife to die in this world. Everyone shouts har har mahadev. Brahmadev says Asurs are praying and Mahadev is giving boon to the people. He says this way the stability of the world will break. He says we shall go and stop him, I am feeling something wrong is going to happen. Vajrangi is in labour and is about to deliver.

Deeti says your pain will make new history, you are giving birth to Asurs’ protector. Vajrangi screams in pain. Bali and Ketu is doing havan. Vajrangi shouts as the baby is born. Devlok feels the earth quake as the baby is born. All the birds in the sky gets afraid and flies faster. Deeti holds the baby in her hands and asks Asurs to welcome big Asur, Taadka sur. The baby cries. The people chant har har mahadev. Narayan freezes the moment, and tells Mahadev that if he gives boon to the humans, then this world will be unstable, and whatever was destined will not happen. He asks him to calm down. Mahadev says I told you that you both shall handle this world. Narayan says I have to stop you, and I will take you with me. Mahadev says you will take me. He says if you had power then you would have brought Sati back. Narayan asks him to come out of Sati’s trauma and says you are my Aaradhya, I have to respect you, and it is my duty to stop you from doing wrong.

Deeti asks the soldier to make mad elephant drink blood and says Taadka sur will fight with it now. Vajrangi says how he will fight with mad elephant, he is just born. Narayan holds Mahadev’s hand, but he becomes giant. Lakshmi, Brahmadev and Saraswati come there. Narad also comes there. Lakshmi asks Brahmadev to do something and says Narayan is in pain. Narad asks Narayan to stop him.

Narayan also becomes giant. Mahadev says you are using my power against me, and says I will not go anywhere after whatever you have done. He says I have to make sure that nobody’s wife dies here in this world and nobody can stop me even if I have to die for that. Narayan says it is my duty to stop you from doing wrong even if I have to burn in your anger fire. Mahadev asks him to get ready to bear his anger.

Precap: Taadka sur becomes grown up man and fights with the mad elephant. Deeti tells that this is their leader Taadka sur. Adi Shakti tries to stop Shiv. Shiv thinks he will go away from this world. Narayan prays to Adishakti to solve the problem.

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