Shubh Vivah 22nd June 2012 Written Update

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Shubh Vivah 22nd June 2012 Written Update by i5hy

Kaushalya wants to get saroj remarried again. Vinod also agrees. Saxena doesn’t want to say anything @ the moment. When saroj comes Kaushalya tells her to go with her father. Vinod calls a dreamy nilu and tells her about the saroj’s remarriage. Nilu agrees to talk to her sister. Vinod comes to chichi and Kaushalya to talk about his and nilu’s rishtha. He tried to say it but Kaushalya misunderstands and talks to vinod about saroj. Kaushalya wants amrit’s child to have a father when it comes to the world. Vinod says his mother’s wish would come true.

Saxena talks to saroj about her remarriage. Saroj gets emotional and says she doesn’t even want to think about anyone other than amrit , hence she wont do it. Saxena talks to saroj about the child needing a father. Saroj disagrees and says she doesn’t want anyone and can take care of her child on her own. Nilu and karuna also comes and tries to advice saroj but she still says no.


Saroj calls Kaushalya and demands why they all are doing this to her. She doesn’t want to marry again. If Kaushalya doesn’t want her to stay with them she would leave with her child. Kaushalya says not to speak like that and she would send vinod to get her back. Saroj puts the phone down and wonders what she should do.


Vinod comes to get saroj. On the way saroj stops the car as she wants to go mandir. Inside she sees a small boy sitting all alone and crying. She asks him where his parents are. The boy says his mom says his father is with bhagwaan. All fathers are in their houses but his is with god. The boy’s mother comes looking for him. The child tells his mom to bring his father back. The mother drags the child by force from there. Saroj wonders whether this would be her fate and recalls all what others have said. The epi ends in her face.

Precap: Amrit comes to saroj in a dream sequence and talks to her about his child and that it needs a father figure.

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