Shubhaarambh 10th December 2019 Written Update

Shubhaarambh 10th December 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Shubhaarambh 10th December 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rani jokes with her brother that I won’t spare that groom, let him come.

Raja tries to talk to Hiten about Jharna but he is busy. Jharna’s family comes there.

Rani is getting ready for the groom. Popat brings the groom there. All look on. Rani smiles at him.

Jharna’s family talks to Hiten and says we are neighbors but don’t get much time for each other. Jharna’s father tells Hiten that they want Jharna to marry in their house. Asha thinks that my Raja will become a king with a rich bride now. Raja smiles at Jharna. Kirdada thinks that Jharna wants to marry Raja? Asha says I like the girl, we accept this. Kirdada says we just want to confirm which son are you talking about? Jharna’s mother says that Mehul and Jharna like each other. Raja is shocked. Mehul smirks at him. Asha is stunned. Kirdada asks Mehul if he is happy? He nods and smiles. Jharna looks at Raja and asks what happened? He looks away. Kirdada asks Asha to bring the sweets.

Dipen talks to Rani and says I like her, he asks her if she wants to ask something. She says yes. I want to tell you that I want to work after marriage. Dipen looks on.

Jharna is going to her house. Raja stops her and says can I talk to you? He takes her aside and says you were about to talk about me and you? Jharna says no, you were mistaken, I respect you. Raja says you used to tell me that you like me. Jharna says yes because you are my friend, I like Mehul like that. I never said I love you to you, this is a sin for me even to think. Raja is shocked and leaves. Jharna smirks and tells her mother that to get Mehul, I pretended to like Raja, I made him jealous of Raja and made him agree to marry me. The flashback shows Mehul calling Jharna and telling her that he doesn’t like her close to Raja, he is ready to marry her.

Dipen tells Rani that I like a girl who will walk with me in this life and work for her good life too. Rani thinks this is good. She says I need some more time. Popat says I have garba passes, go with him and talk some more.

Scene 2
Raja is hurt, he cries recalling Jharna’s words.

Asha is angry and says I will find a rich girl for Raja but where will I find her? Bhabhi comes there and says you can find her in the garba function. Raja goes there every year, this time you can go with him. Asha says I know he used to like Jharna. She says don’t worry, he will be fine. I wanted to go with Ektaan but he is not free.

Raja prays to the lord and says I was wrong about Jharna, she never gave me that hint, maybe you didn’t want that too. She is my bhabhi now.

Raja selects the dress to wear in the function.

Rani gets ready for the function too.

In the function, all are playing garba. Rani enters there. Raja comes there with Asha. Rani meets Dipen. Dipen says you look nice. She says you too. Raja is there with his family. They are standing beside each other.

PRECAP- Dipen calls his brother and says I have found a girl, when she marries me then she will earn and I will sit at home. Raja hears it and sees that it’s Rani. He says her life will be destroyed.

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