Shubhaarambh 25th February 2020 Written Update

Shubhaarambh 25th February 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Shubhaarambh 25th February 2020 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rani asks Raja if he read it? Raja thinks she is talking about the reports and says yes I read it and everything is fine. Rani says I am talking about your father’s diary. Raja says I didn’t see any diary. Rani looks around to find it. Gunvant thinks that Kirtida has already burned it.

All sit for breakfast. Rani says I found Raja’s father’s diary and I wanted him to read it first but it’s lost now, it talked about not following a blind-faith. Mehul says it was in mandir and nobody saw it before? Rani says I showed it to Darshna also. Mehul says Rani wants Raja to go to the shop so she might have created a story, she lied before also. Gunvant asks him to stop blaming her. Raja tells Rani that don’t worry, we will find it soon. Rani has a headache. Kirtida asks if she is fine? She says yes and yawns.

Rani is working in the kitchen and recalls how she gave the diary to Raja. She mistakenly burns her hand. Raja comes there and tends to her hand. He blows air on it and asks her to be careful. Rani yawns. Raja says you didn’t sleep? He shows her chilies. She laughs. Raja asks her to keep laughing and says I will clean this mess, it’s okay. Rani looks at the chilies and thinks that Raja was sleepy that day also. Raja leaves from there. Rani sees the milk glass and finds a sleeping pill in it. She is shocked and says it means someone gave me and Raja a sleeping pill? Who can be that? Kirtida? Jharna? Darshna? Why would they do it? They wanted me to sleep so Raja wouldn’t find the diary? That’s why the diary is gone too.

Jharna comes to the shop. Divya is there and is tensed. She hides from her. Jharna is buying clothes. Divya leaves hastily and mistakenly drops her phone there. Jharna takes it and sees Mehul calling her. She is shocked and hurt.

Rani is in her room and says someone doesn’t want Raja to go to the shop and that person is in the house. I have to find out that person.

Darshna is finding things in the storeroom. Raja helps her. Darshna leaves. Rani comes to help Raja. They find water canons. Raja takes the box from there. Rani sees the pieces of Raja’s father’s diary in the store-room and is shocked. She says it means his diary was burned as they don’t want Raja to go to the shop.

PRECAP- Rani finds the foot-prints on store-room stairs. She takes the picture and checks everyone’s shoe size. She finds those slippers in a bin and thinks she is the person who wants to destroy Raja’s life.

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