Shubhaarambh 9th December 2019 Written Update

Shubhaarambh 9th December 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Shubhaarambh 9th December 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rani asks Kirdada how are you saying that I stole this money? Kirdada shows her the writing and says my shop name is written there too. Rani thinks about how to tell them that I worked there. She says I became the statue in that shop. Kirdada shows her the photo and says you are lying, this is wrong, you have stolen the money from there.
Raja acts drunk in the shop. He starts dancing like a drunk person. Hiten gets angry and slaps him hard. All look on. Mehul hides.
Kirdada calls the police and says this girl is a robber. Rani says I didn’t do anything. The police take Rani from there.

All are home, Hiten says sorry to Raja’s father. Asha asks him to not blame Raja, it was actually Mehul that drank the wine. Raja lied to save Mehul in front of everyone. Kirdada says did you see him drinking? Asha says Darsha saw him. Hiten glares at Mehul and slaps him hard. All are shocked. Hiten beats him but Raja stops him. Hiten asks him to get lost, you have made me lose my respect. Hiten leaves. Raja looks on.

Rani’s brother comes to the station. The inspector says that she stole the money. Rani says there is no proof of it. Popat comes there and talks to the inspector.

Raja asks Asha why did you tell the truth? Asha says they were blaming you for no reason. Raja says we can save others for time being.

Popat asks Rani to give some money to the inspector. She sadly gives it and leaves.

Raja comes to mandir and says sorry to the lord for lying to the family. A person gives him parsad. He says this is your blessing?
Rani comes to the mandir and says you have to be with me this time, I earn money to buy the shoes but no miracle happens in my life.

Raja and Rani sit beside each other outside the mandir

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