Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th July 2019 Written Update

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th July 2019 Written Update by Sona

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th July 2019 Written Episode

Mishti and Rohan were close to each other. Mishti turns around and spots Pari at the main entrance. Pari runs away crying. Mishti calls her name from behind. All at once, Mishti wakes up from the dream. She spots Pari walking past the hall and poses to be asleep on the balcony bench. Pari comes closer and rubs Mishti’s hair. She then brings a blanket to cover Mishti. Rohan watches this from his room door.

The next morning, Mishti wakes up on the bench, draped in the blanket. She comes to the door of Rohan’s room and finds him asleep in sitting position beside the door. She touches his face through the glass. She silently requests Rohan not to make it difficult for her. On one side, she wish to tell her family about themselves and be with him, but she can’t hurt her family at

all. She must restraint from him, as it would be right for them. She turns to leave. Rohan wakes up and spots Mishti going into her room, he knocks the door from behind but Mishti doesn’t listen. Rohan thinks he is sure there is something troubling her, but right now he has to make her up.
Mishti walks into the washroom, and finds various notes over toothpaste and shampoo bottle. She wonders what he is doing, what if Pari had come to bathroom. She walks to her bed, there was even a note on her pillow. It gives a surprise indication for Mishti. She reaches another note on the wardrobe ‘Good going, you are almost there’. She finds a beautiful couple show piece in the cupboard. Mishti thinks she can no more delay things and must take her next step before it’s too late.

Later, Mishti was setting the breakfast table. Rohan walks to her and holds her hand. She tries to withdraw her hand as Pari might come there. Rohan asks why she is doing this, he already told her that they must tell everyone. He is tired of meeting her all alone. Mishti struggles to get away from Rohan, and says she would take the right step at the right time. Mishti’s phone bell rings, it was Veer. Mishti walks to the kitchen and tells Veer she would meet him. Rohan questions why Veer repeatedly calls her, everything already ended between them. Mishti doesn’t respond. Pari comes to the breakfast table and greets both. Pari asks Mishti why she didn’t tell. Mishti was irritated and says yes Veer kidnapped her but she got the FIR back, so what’s the big deal. She didn’t want to tell her family about a petty matter, but Rohan didn’t rest. She questions why Rohan always interfere in her matters. Pari tries to stop Mishti for breakfast but he wasn’t ready. Pari thinks she thought everything was fine between them, but this third world war can’t finish. Rohan turns to leave the table. Pari stops him but he tells Pari to find out what problem her sister has, he is trying to convince her but she doesn’t seem to be listening. Pari must speak to Mishti before it’s too late.

Rohan stops Mishti downstairs. She wonders why Rohan followed her, if he is angry. Rohan wished to speak to Mishti. Mishti tells him to hurry up, she doesn’t want to get late for a meeting. Rohan allows her to go, then thinks he must find out what’s going on in her mind.

Mishti reaches the café to meet Veer. Veer hands her the ring she asked for. Rohan had reached the café entrance and spots Mishti with her engagement ring with Veer. He leaves. Veer asks Mishti if she told Dadi or Pari. Mishti replies she is only waiting the right time. Veer gets a call about the client and leaves hurriedly. Mishti comes to see him off. She turns around to spot Rohan and inquires if this was the important meeting. Mishti counters if he was stalking her, she didn’t want to tell him then why he didn’t understand. Rohan looks towards her with troubled eyes. Mishti says she suffocates in her relationship with Rohan, he lends her no space and was always inquiring her about matters. She isn’t any immature person. Veer was better than Rohan, he let her live her own life. Rohan says its pointless to argue Mishti, she is comparing now. She has taken her ring back from Veer, right. Mishti says she always missed Veer even when with Rohan. Veer’s parents were involved in her kidnapping and Veer was unaware of all this, still he was ready to get his parents caught and bear the punishment himself. She realized how much Veer loved her, and still does. She announces their relationship must end right here. Rohan insists this isn’t any joke, and requests her to say she doesn’t mean all this. Mishti says she means everything. She got into senses when they had gone to visit the flat. He can’t even purchase a flat for himself. She has worked hard to financially support her family. If she will have to struggle for the rest of her life as well. Rohan says he deemed she never cared for money. Mishti says even Veer loves her, and he can provide her financial security along with love as well. One can’t live with love only, one needs money to come out of problems through finances. Rohan can never buy that flat, and will never be able to give her the luxury that Veer can provide her with. She has taken the decision to marry Veer.

PRECAP: Mishti insults Rohan why he doesn’t leave her alone. She is irritated at his intervening. Rohan asserts that Mishti can’t marry for money. Mishti says its very clear, she doesn’t love Rohan. Later, Mishti meets Veer and tells him to marry her right away.

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