Silsila Pyaar Ka 25th May 2016 Written Update

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Silsila Pyaar Ka 25th May 2016 Written Update by Tanaya

Silsila Pyaar Ka 25th May 2016 Written Episode

Bua says Kajal even I had my own responsibilities so never made it, Kajal says this is ur house too, Raunak says Kajal Sakshi is waiting for u come, Kajal says bua n me where just chatting n I was asking bua to be with ma n help her, bua says forget the past n enjoy the new happiness, Kajal says who all stay with u, bua says later, Kajal says plz bua, bua says my husband passed away few years back n we never had kids so now I’m all alone,Kajal says bua it must be so difficult how do u manage, bua says on an FD n managing,Kajal says so much hardship but don’t worry all will be fine soon n u will get money soon I mean ur days will turn soon n ma gave u her jewellery too,Raunak says what ma gave her jewellery, Kajal says yes sir ma gave her jewellery as a part of ritual n didn’t want bua to send back empty handed so,Kajal n Raunak leave.

Bua says Harish this Kajal looks very smart, I guess she had seen me taking money from Janki. Kajal n Raunak act as if enjoying tea made by Sakshi, Kajal says u two stay here I will be back. Harish says bua this Kajal is very smart n if she finds u are lying with Janki Didi she will tell Raunak abt it n all be a waste, Kajal hears them talk, bua says I shd talk to Janki.

Neeti reading book, Vinay walks to her n says Neeti here read this, Neeti asks what is it, Vinay says oh u are uneducated, Neeti says Vinay tell me, Vinay says here’s ur routine make sure u follow it n Here I got u a photo frame, Neeti sees the baby photo n says how cute Vinay,Sanjana sees them happy together n gets upset, she walks in n says Look I got fruits,Vinay so oh come in,Vinay says its papaya n says Sanjana this is allowed in pregnancy, Sanjana says oh sorry I didn’t know abt it, vinay says next time ask me, Sanjana says God u take so much care of her, Vinay says she is my only wife.

Randhir in his room asleep,Harish walks to him in darkness n says Jijaji n hides, Harish checks Randhir is asleep n changes medicine so that randhir never recovers, Randhir wakes n sees Harish next to him, Harish says u want something, I will get u water n rushes away.

Janki cooking, she is in mess, bua walks in n says Janki u will burn the whole house, Janki says u want food then keep quite n plz leave, bua says Janki its imp i need to talk to u, Janki says Vidhi n Kamini know everything tell me,bua tells Janki abt all that happened in hall with Kajal.

Kajal goes to buas room n starts looking here n there, she finds bundle of note. Janki says so Kajal knows u were lying, bua says I guess, Janki says don’t worry till she takes this to next level n is money safe, bua says yes it is.kajal takes the money n leaves.

Vinay says Neeti u need to take best care of urself, Vinay says papa n uncle u take Neeti with u for walk, Munshi says it’s cold early morning, Ashok says at night u take her along with u, Munshi says Neeti go rest , Neeti says I will go rest, Sanjana will walk me to room, Sanjana says sure Didi.

Sanjana walks Neeti to her room,Neeti stops her n says learn something good Sanjana this wasn’t planned but a sign for u that no one can replace love,n Vinny will forget our fight, u still got time stop all this, Sanjana looks at Neeti in anger n walks away.

Kajal walks with money to her room thinking what she shd do n sees munmun in her room n thinks to use munmun for her plan n purposely drops money, munmun sees bundle of notes, Kajal says oh god I shd be careful n walks to her room, munmun follows Kajal thinking of robbing money n then running away from Janki house.

Kajal goes to her room n sees munmun behind her n says let me keep it here n freshen up n then keep it in locker n walks to bathroom n closes door, munmun walks in n takes money but keeps bag n leaves, Kajal comes out picks up the bag n smiles.

Pre cap : bua says Janki first u gave me money n then u robbed it, Janki says Didi I hope Kajal hasn’t taken it n if she has it means she knows we are lying.

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