Siya Ke Ram 3rd November 2016 Written Update

Siya Ke Ram 3rd November 2016 Written Update by Amena

Siya Ke Ram 3rd November 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hanuman coming to Ram. Hanuman asks Ram about disowning Laxman forever. Ram says to protect promise, I had to disown Laxman. Hanuman says I went to Paatal lok to find your ring and realized life’s truth, even if life is precious, one day it has to end, did you send me to Paatal lok to get this lesson. Ram says yes Hanuman, I knew your immense love and devotion, Kaal would have not entered Ayodhya in your presence, I knew you will not let me go away from you, so I have sent you to Paatal lok to learn about life’s truth, every human has a motive in this Lok and when the motive is fulfilled, he has to leave from this Lok, and my life’s motive has got fulfilled now.

Hanuman gets shocked. Ram says I knew, it will be very tough for you to accept this truth, so I wanted
to tell this to you first, tomorrow, after first ray of sunrise, my life will end, and I will leave from this world forever. Hanuman cries and says no, take me along, what is my life’s motive then. Ram says no Hanuman, your motive did not get fulfilled, the world needs you, you have to stay here till Kalyug’s end, you have to sustain devotion towards Dharm and truth in humans, this will be your motive. Hanuman says but…. Ram says accept this as my last command. Hanuman says no Prabhu, don’t leave me and holds Ram’s feet. A guard hears Ram and runs out to the village. He tells Praja that Ram is leaving from this world after tomorrow’s sunrise, the sunrise will make us orphan forever. Praja says we could not stop him from vanvaas, now we will not let him go.

Ram removes his jewelry and gets covers himself in plain cloth. Bharat and Shatrughan come there. Bharat cries and asks why are you doing this, we won’t let you go anywhere. Shatrughan asks him to leave this thought. Bharat says if we did any mistake, we are ready to repent, don’t punish this. Ram says get up, punishment for such brothers? The brothers who always loved and respected me, one who accepted my every wish as Dharm, how can I punish you, if I did not get support by you, how could I fulfill my duty so well. Bharat says you will leave us and go, its punishment.

Ram says Bharat, there is time set for every work and death time for life, my leaving time is close, you accept the truth. Bharat says I can accept every truth, but I can’t imagine my life without you, its impossible. Shatrughan says we don’t have any existence without you. Ram says relations won’t end if I go, you both will be known as my brothers, whenever I m recalled, you will be named too. Shatrughan says we used to come to you to get guidance, where will we go. Bharat says where can we go without you, if this is your decision, we will also leave from this world along with you. Ram says no, your duty did not get fulfilled. Bharat says our duty is to serve you, if you are not there, our life is meaningless. They sit in Ram’s feet. Ram holds them and hugs. Hanuman looks on. The brothers and Hanuman cry.

Mahadev says Ram has given many tests and bear sorrow so that humans can learn from his behavior, that what is Dharm, sacrifice and repentance, Ram yug will end after sunrise, I greet this Narayan’s avatar. Mahadev and Parvati greet Ram. Parvati says but Swami, what will be Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti’s future…..

Its morning, Mandvi asks Bharat what is this decision that there is no thought for out future. Shruthkirti asks Shatrughan about their life, he said his life is meaningless without Ram, what about our life’s meaning. Mandvi says we don’t accept to become hurdle in your Dharm path, if this decision is final, take our lives before leaving, free us from this life. They cry. Janak comes and says Manvi. Mandvi and Shruthkirti cry and hug him. He says I m still alive, daughters don’t become orphans till their parents are alive, come with me, entire Mithila is waiting for you all.

Bharat and Shatrughan greet Janak. Bharat says we are your culprits. Shatrughan says we could not fulfill your expectations by which you did their vidaai, forgive us. Janak says its not your mistake, its fate and this had to happen. Ram comes and says Pita ji….. Janak looks at him. Ram greets him and says I got free of my duties towards Mata, Pita and Guru, I got free of all duties and debts, except towards you. He says I will not be able to pay debt to you, I can’t get free from this world without paying that debt, I request you to free me of that debt. Ram takes his blessings. Aap hamare pita…..plays……………..

Janak says I, Janak free Raghuvansh from Mithila’s every debt/burden/duty. Ram thanks him. Ram, Bharat Shatrughan proceed towards the exit of the palace. Guru Vashisht cries. Urmila, Janak, Mandvi, Shruthkirti, Lav, Kush and Hanuman too cry. Ram Ram……plays…………. They see the Praja outside. Everyone cry. Badra says no Prabhu, we will not let you go, Ayodhya’s Praja has no identity without you, how can we let you go. The man says we agreed to you when you went to vanvaas, but this time you have to agree to us. The lady says you can’t leave us. Another man says we feel we are lucky to gave RamRaj, our good luck will end without you, pity us.

Ram says Dear Prajajan, time is always moving, and old rules also change with time, and new rules are set for human’s progress and importance, new things are very important, I have served you with full dedication and abilities, but now my time has passed, you all have a new and happy time, so don’t regret for past time, welcome the coming happy time, for this, allow me to leave with a happy face. Badra says if your leaving decision is final, we all are ready to come along, but we just want Ram Raj in Ayodhya. Praja says we don’t want anything else than you. Everyone cry. Ram looks on.

Ram takes Jal Samadhi. Guru Vashisht and everyone cry. Sita as Devi Laxmi meets Lord Vishnu inside the water and says I was waiting for you since long. Ram/Vishnu smiles. Hanuman tells everyone that Ram and Sita did not go anywhere. He takes huge avatar and opens up his chest to show his heart, saying Ram and Sita stay in everyone’s heart. Everyone see Ram and Sita in Hanuman’s heart…..

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