Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 11th July 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 11th July 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 11th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kainat saying Saltanat wants to be everyone’s fav, she got Tabarruk for Miyajaan. Sabina asks her to throw it. Zaroon comes to her. Sabina goes. He says I came to talk to you, I realized our relation of friendship can never end. Kainat looks at him and says you want me to stay as your friend. He says yes, do you have a problem. She says yes, I don’t want friendship in charity, thanks. She goes and falls, shouting to him. She smiles. Saltanat comes and holds her. Kainat gets shocked seeing her. She says be careful, how did you fall. Kainat says maybe I slipped because of water. Saltanat asks how did you get hurt. Kainat recalls dragging the chest and getting hurt. She says my fate gave me many wounds, leave it. Saltanat says sorry, I didn’t had intention to hurt you.


says its my mistake, so sorry. Kainat says I can forgive Zaroon, I m not upset with Saltanat, I know Saltanat has done this for her love, its not wrong to do anything for love. Saltanat thanks her. She sees the dry floor. She says you fell and … nothing, are you okay. Kainat says yes, I m fine, go now, Dadi may create a scene. Saltanat stops Kainat and says you are much hurt, tell me how did this happen, you didn’t even bandage it. Kainat’s phone falls down. Bachke tu rehna song plays…. Saltanat thinks I have heard this song. She recalls her captivity. She asks how did you get this song. Kainat picks her phone and stops the song. She says I don’t know, you both leave now, I m going to give juice to Miyajaan. She goes.
Zaroon asks Saltanat to come, nothing will happen to Miyajaan. Saltanat thinks of Kainat. She says many things are going on in my mind. Everyone sings birthday song. Saltanat closes eyes and makes a wish. She recalls her captivity and wakes up from her dream, shouting Zaroon. She doesn’t see Zaroon. She says I have to tell you something, someone had locked me inside the trunk on your and Kainat’s marriage, that person was dangerous, I feel scared. She sees pillows in his place and calls him out. She hears a sound and takes a stick. She asks who is there. Zaroon comes to her. She beats him. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I got saved. He switches on the lights. She smiles seeing the decorations. In vadiyon mein….plays….

He counts down and wishes her happy birthday. She smiles and hugs him. He says if love had a face, it would be like you, pure and beautiful, I will pray that you always stay fine. They dance. They cut a cake. Rubina and Zainab miss Saltanat and recall the night when Saltanat was born. Rubina says Saltanat is all alone today, she has no one to make her day special. Ghazala says Zaroon is with her, he will make her birthday very special, whatever Mamoon did… Zainab says we won’t let this come in our relations, we are mothers first, we will always be together. They join hands. Zaroon asks Saltanat to make a wish.

Saltanat prays for her family. Rubina says we will meet Saltanat and bless her. Kainat says don’t worry, my blessing will make her day special, happy birthday Saltanat, I will fill your life with thorns. Saltanat thanks Zaroon. He asks what do you want. She demands diamond jewellery and laughs. He says seriously, its less. She says no, I don’t want this, I want this much love, our house and a cute cake. He says maybe you have some incomplete dream. She says I liked the round swing ride, I miss it, I fell from it once. Zaroon says fine. He lifts her and asks her to enjoy the swing. She says now I want a lot of sleeps. He says I have to live with you, your smile is the aim of my life, thanks for bringing light in my boring life. She thinks its not right to tell him about the trunk, he is already worried and may take wrong step. They hug.

Saltanat taunts Sabina and stops her from slapping. Sabina says it would have been good if you died that way. Saltanat asks what.

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