Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zainab calling the asylum and asking to admit someone tomorrow from Shah Manzil. Kainat keeps apples on Saltanat’s head. The apples fall down. Kainat places that again and says don’t move now. She shoots at the apples and laughs. She shoots Saltanat. Zainab screams no… and wakes up. She sees Saltanat and goes to her. She says if I didn’t hide my mistakes, this would have not happened, I should have exposed her 12 years back, forgive me. She promises Saltanat that she will fulfill a mum’s duty now. She says its my promise to you, I will get Kainat punished. Nadim prays for Kainat.

Nilam comes to him. He asks what’s this sound. She says that pipe is leaking. Nadim says I will call a plumber. Nadim calls. A man looks on. Doctor checks Saltanat. Zaroon

asks him and everyone to go out. He says I will get Kainat to consciousness, please, thanks. Kainat looks on and goes. Zaroon shuts the door and says you are stubborn like Saltanat, I m also stubborn, we didn’t had love between us, we have friendship, even if you don’t wish to, you have to bear with me. He gets some glass and says I will tell you a story today of sleeping beauty. He says there was a perfect princess, very shy, she had a secret, her anger was high, then a guy came into her life, she fell in love with that guy, he wasn’t much special, but she wanted his heart, she did bad things to get that guy, when she realized her mistakes, she gave her life to repent for it, princess’ bad state broke the guy within. He crushes a rose and cries.
He says that guy had cursed the princess to die, then he wasn’t understanding his feelings, it was close to his heart, don’t know why I m feeling the pain seeing you like I would have felt seeing Saltanat’s pain, get up, please. He cries. His tear falls over her face. He gets away. She moves her hand. Glass falls. He stops. He sees her and asks doctor to come, Kainat got conscious. Everyone comes in and smiles. Kainat gets shocked. Doctor checks Saltanat. Saltanat opens her eyes. Zaroon gets happy. He says I can’t believe it, did you see, so sorry, I m behaving like a stranger with you, I m scared, I feel if anything happens to Kainat, I will lose Saltanat also. He hugs Kainat.

Rubina says when its about children, mothers become their shield, I was doing the same, I forgot that I have hurt your heart, I was just doing this for my daughter. Ghazala says we women have many responsibilities, your children and family are your responsibilities now, they need you a lot. Rubina hugs her.

The plumber asks is there anyone ill at home, I heard in locality. Nilam says yes, she is out of coma now. She says Kainat should have better died, you focus on your work. She goes. He fixes the pipe. He then hits on the house walls with a hammer. A man looks on. Mamoon comes and asks who are you. The plumber stops. Mamoon asks what are you doing here. The plumber says I m a plumber. Mamoon says the pipe is there. The plumber says I have fixed the pipe and checking the leakage. Mamoon says there is nothing here, take money and leave.

The man says take money, so you couldn’t check the house. The plumber says there are many people inside, its impossible. The man says nothing is impossible, I will enter the house. Kainat does bad make up to Saltanat and says you still look more beautiful than me, that’s why Zaroon is close to you, anyways, its fine, I m thinking to ruin your face. She wears gloves. Zainab comes and faints Kainat by using chloroform. Kainat wakes up and finds herself tied. She sees Zainab and asks what are you doing, leave me. Zainab scolds her and slaps. She says I m your mum, I know the difference between you two, you aren’t Saltanat, but Kainat.

Kainat says forgive me. Zainab says the girl who killed her Dada ji and tried to kill her sister, she isn’t my daughter. She tries to suffocate Kainat.

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