Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th September 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saltanat trying to recall her past. Kainat thinks this moment is beautiful, I did a lot and didn’t know my love will get fulfilled this way. Saltanat cries and says I can’t recall. Madhav gets angry. She says I just feel like my close family stays there. Zaroon holds Kainat’s hand and kisses her. Madhav says its okay, think more. Kainat thinks you will be just mine. Zaroon gets close to Kainat to kiss. Madhav asks Saltanat to concentrate and think, focus. She closes eyes and thinks of Zaroon. She says Zaroon…. Zaroon stops and looks at Kainat.

Zaroon says take rest, I will just come. He goes out of the room. Kainat gets angry and shouts. Madhav thinks she was going to marry Zaroon, she can’t love him so much, I can’t tell her about Zaroon. Saltanat

asks who is Zaroon. He says I don’t know. She says I would have taken the name sometime. He asks her to take rest and goes. She says I can’t believe that I have no relation with this name. Madhav goes and cries seeing Sakshi’s pic and memories. He sees the rakhi and hugs. He says I promise, I couldn’t do it that time, I will get justice now, I will make Kainat remember her crimes, its my promise.
The men say we are happy with your work. Nadim thanks them. The man says Zaroon is very sensible, he will manage everything. Zaroon says you are right, we should put posters for awareness, a water cooler will be good. The man says you are learning everything well. They leave. Kainat comes and hugs Nadim. She asks what happened, don’t be upset now, marriage is forever relation, would you just love me and be upset with Zaroon.

Rubina asks Nadim to hug Zaroon and end the annoyance. Nadim hugs Zaroon and says the water idea was good. Zaroon stops Kainat and says Saltanat, I m sorry. Krish promises Saltanat. She says I feel lonely when you go. He says I was busy. Jugal and Sneha do the aarti. Madhav says I m not doing aarti. Indu says four people have to do aarti, you should do it. He sees Sakshi’s pic and does aarti. Krish says we want to go out, we are bored. Indu says your dad is busy. Krish says drop us and go, please. Madhav agrees.

Kainat says if you get me on romantic dates every day, I will allow you mistakes. Zaroon says its your fav restaurant, did you forget. She says yes, decor has changed. The waiter gets an offer and asks them to guess the partner’s fav dish to win discount. Zaroon selects the dishes. Waiter says now its your turn. She thinks. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He asks her to order and goes. Lady asks Madhav will he have laddoo. He says no, you have it. She teases him. Madhav drops her. The lady blesses their jodi and goes. Krish asks why are you both seeing like this, its okay, I will sit in front seat. She says I feel I have come here before. He asks where. She shows the restaurant. Zaroon asks the man to play Saltanat’s fav music. Music plays… Zaroon sees Kainat. He says your fav music is playing, don’t you wish to dance. She says yes, don’t know what happened to me today. He says you don’t remember this music, really.

Madhav and Saltanat look at Zaroon’s side. They get shocked.

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