Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29th August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 29th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kainat saying I just love Zaroon. Ghazala says leave me, I will tell everyone about your cheap game. Kainat says yes, I took Saltanat’s place, the one who fell down from terrace was your bahu and I m her Sautan. Ghazala pushes her and runs outside. Kainat comes wearing white clothes and specs. She says its last move now, you are the last one. Ghazala runs. Kainat stops her. Ghazala says stay away, don’t come close else… Kainat asks else, what will you do. She stops Ghazala and shows a knife. Ghazala gets shocked. Cctv camera is seen there. Ghazala says leave me. Kainat catches her and stabs. Ghazala shouts Zaroon.

Kainat stabs her again. Ghazala falls down. Zaroon comes home. Kainat runs away. Kainat acts in front of cctv. She shouts leave me Kainat.

She falls down. Zaroon comes there and sees them fallen on the ground. He runs to Ghazala. He asks what’s all this. Ghazala signs towards Kainat and says Kainat…. Kainat calls out Zaroon. He says Saltanat, what’s all this, who did this. Ghazala says Zaroon… He goes back to Ghazala. He asks who had come here, tell me, I will call an ambulance. Ghazala signs towards Kainat and says she isn’t her, she is Kainat. He asks what. Kainat says Kainat has done all this. Ghazala falls dead. Zaroon gets shocked.
Kainat looks on. He says nothing will happen to you, mom… He thinks of his words. Nadim and Rubina come home. They get shocked seeing Ghazala. They ask Zaroon what happened to her. They cry. Nadim says Saltanat and runs to her. Kainat acts. Mamoon comes and gets shocked seeing Ghazala. He shouts Ghazala and asks what happened to her. Zaroon says she is no more. Jaan, Dadi, Hamza and Nilam come. They also get shocked. Mamoon says I couldn‘t apologize to you, you can’t leave me, we had world tour plans, you can’t go. Mamoon and Zaroon cry.

Nadim and Rubina ask who has done this. Kainat says Kainat has done this, she had come to kill me, Ghazala tried to save me, she killed her. She cries. Kainat shows the blood marks and says sh ran from that side, she ruined everything. Nilam asks how can this happen, you had buried her. Zaroon shouts Kainat….. He picks the knife and runs out of the house. They come to the graveyard. He goes to Kainat’s grave and removes the soil. He digs up the grave deep. He doesn’t find the body. He gets shocked. He says there is no dead body here. The man says yes, the grave is empty since long. Zaroon holds him in anger. He goes away and recalls Ghazala. He shouts Kainat….

Dr. Sharma says none should find her, none should identify her, Nikki do her makeover well. Nikki asks him not to worry, she will change her a lot, who is she, from which danger is he saving her. He thinks its time Kainat, you and your entire life will change. Inspector checks the cctv footage. They all see Kainat stabbing Ghazala to death. He says so this is Kainat. He says you said Kainat wanted to kill you, as you married the main whom she loved. Kainat nods. Inspector says you are the only person who has seen Kainat attacking Ghazala. Zaroon asks what do you want to say. Inspector says some family member has made this attack, there is no footprint going outside, it means the attacker is present in this house.

Kainat says maybe she had erased her footprints. He asks why didn’t she take the knife and wipe the blood marks, there is no use to erase footprints. She asks what, it is clearly seen that its Kainat, her face is seen. Zaroon says even your face matches Kainat. Nadim asks what are you saying, Saltanat… Inspector says the murderer is inside this house, Saltanat is the main suspect in this case. Nadim asks what nonsense. Inspector says you all are the suspect, please control your emotions, let us do our work. Nadim nods. Zaroon says you are right, we all are ready to help you. Inspector says we want your blood samples, you took the knife, its impossible to get fingerprints now, if the person’s blood matches with this blood, that person will be culprit for us. Kainat worries.

Everyone gives their blood samples. Kainat acts dizzy. Nadim says you let it be. Zaroon says you can do this for mom, its last chance for us.

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