Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 2nd August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 2nd August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 2nd August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zaroon asking Ghazala what happened. She cries and says I m going back to Canada. He says Saltanat’s life is in danger and you want to go back. She says I can’t tell you everything, your dad is behaving strange, he was against Saltanat and your marriage, what did Kainat tell him that he agreed, and Sabina…. He asks what did Sabina do. She says Sabina and Kainat will trap Mamoon, I m scared. He says calm down, I need you here with me. He lies in her lap and thinks to solve this mystery soon. Miyajaan tells Jaan that Kainat isn’t a right person for the heirship, even her husband won’t get these rights, I don’t know whom to give the heirship, Mamoon and Zaroon won’t get this, I don’t want to give it to Mamoon, Zaroon isn’t interested, Nadim doesn’t

deserve this, I m worried. Jaan says don’t worry, we will find some way.
Zaroon comes to Mamoon and says I got Kainat’s phone and gave it to police for investigation. Mamoon worries. Zaroon says I got your number in call logs, what did you talk to her. Mamoon says about your marriage. Zaroon says swear on me, what did Kainat say that you changed your decision regarding my marriage. Mamoon says what do you think about me, how dare you ask this, fine, I will tell you the truth, Kainat knew you are my weakness, she took advantage of that, she said I agree for the marriage and she won’t stop it, she will marry you, and Miyajaan’s condition was to give heirship to Kainat’s husband, that’s you. Zaroon smiles and says I m not your weakness, that heirship is my weakness, she took advantage of that, then what plan you made to stop the marriage.

Mamoon says there was no plan. Zaroon says that’s why Kainat couldn’t stop the marriage and took my wife away. He scolds Mamoon. He warns Mamoon and says if you interfere more, I will forget our relation. He goes. Mamoon says I m sorry son, I couldn’t tell you the complete truth. He recalls Kainat telling him that she will keep her promise. He says if I told you, you would have broken our relation today itself, I love the heirship and you as well, where is Kainat, what is she doing with Saltanat.

Zaroon thinks of Saltanat. He gets sad. Kitni baatein…..plays…. He cries. Saltanat is tied up somewhere. She struggles. Kainat comes and hits on her head. Zaroon wakes up and shouts Saltanat. Zainab comes to him. She asks where will you go now, its late. He asks what shall I do, shall I not find Saltanat, you want to save your daughter Kainat even after all this, I can’t believe this. Zainab drops the water glass. She says your annoyance is right, I m also responsible for this. She picks the glass pieces and gets her hand hurt. He hugs her and says I m sorry. She says I know they are fine, don’t worry, I m their mum and know about them well, I know they are absolutely fine. He asks what do you mean. She says Kainat and Saltanat are twin sisters. He gets shocked.

He asks what. Zainab says I had given Saltanat to Rubina, we had hidden this from everyone. He asks does Saltanat know this. Zainab says yes, Saltanat was going to tell Kainat’s truth to everyone, I had to tell her the truth to stop her. He says you told this to save your daughter, what if Saltanat lost her life, you cheated her again, you know this family is her weakness, you took advantage of her goodness, you can’t be Saltanat’s mum, remember one thing, if anything happens to Saltanat, you are responsible, its my curse that you remember the tortures on my daughter. He goes. Zainab cries.

Zaroon prays at the Dargah for Saltanat’s safety and Kainat’s destruction. He says Kainat deserves destruction.

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