Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 2nd September 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 2nd September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 2nd September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Madhav praying and thinking of Sakshi. Madhav thinks you have done a lot for me, you were like a Lord for me. Saltanat starts getting consciousness. Madhav thinks show me some way to take my revenge on Kainat, the pain which she has given you. Someone comes home. A boy comes home in Kanha avatar. The bulb begins to fall down in the water. The bulb sparks appear. The boy comes there and gets the falling bulb inside the glass bowl. Saltanat opens her eyes. Zaroon feels restless.

Kainat makes jalebis. Rubina says Ghazala said Zaroon likes jalebis. Kainat says I know. Rubina says he lost his mum, how can you expect him to be happy. Kainat asks what shall I do, he isn’t talking to me. She talks in anger and then cries. She hugs Rubina. Rubina says calm down, give

him some time, I will wish the bad time ends soon. He goes. The boy says my name is Krish, what’s your name. Saltanat says my name…. She starts screaming when the power goes. Madhav and everyone hear her screams. The lady asks who is screaming Indu. Krish says don’t shout so loud, are you scared of darkness. Madhav comes there and asks Krish what are you doing here. Krish says Papa…. Madhav gives him a phone and sends him. Madhav sees Saltanat scared. He lights a candle and goes to her. She falls in his arms. She asks what am I doing here, don’t know.
He shows her a knife and says welcome to the real world, you won’t say anything, I was waiting for this time since long, you have to pay for your crimes, you ruined my entire world. She gets shocked. Nadim comes to Rubina and says you just consoled Saltanat, you are sitting upset here. Rubina says I don’t know what’s happening, why is this happening with our children. Nadim says maybe Lord is testing us. Rubina says I m failing in this test, I don’t know how to pacify Zaroon, what shall I do. Nadim says Kainat didn’t die, she is doing this, maybe Zainab knew her truth, so Kainat did this with her. Rubina says no, she can’t do this, she was raised by Zainab and Miyajaan, how can she stage her death. She cries. He hugs and consoles her.

Saltanat bites Madhav’s hand. He shows the knife. She asks who am I, why am I here, why are you doing this with me, please tell me who am I. She screams. Madhav gets shocked. Lights get on. He asks don’t you remember anything. She says no. He says no, this can’t happen. Krish gets Indu there. Everyone comes. Jugal stares at Saltanat. The ladies like Saltanat and call her new bahu. Indu says they aren’t marriage yet. Madhav says she is unwell, she was resting. Indu takes the guests out. Madhav shuts the door. Kainat comes to Zaroon. She hears him talking on phone. He asks inspector to keep searching for Kainat. She gets jalebis for him.

Saltanat asks who am I. Madhav holds her and asks her to be careful, else she will fall again. She asks who are you, what is our relation, tell me, why did you hold my hand. He asks didn’t you hear what mum said. She says we are together, but didn’t get married. He says mum wants us to get married, but I don’t like you much. She asks if you don’t like me, what am I doing here. He you met with an accident, so we got you here.

She asks why were you doing this with me. He says you were in coma, I was acting to scare you and bring you out of coma. She says but I was conscious already. He says you didn’t remember who you are. She says I don’t like anything. He says take rest, you will feel better. She rests.

Kainat asks Zaroon to taste the jalebis once. Zaroon says Saltanat, please leave me alone for some time. She asks how shall I leave you alone, you are my husband, your pain is mine, I want to share your sorrow, taste the jalebis. He asks don’t you understand. He throws the jalebis. She asks what’s this way Zaroon. He says I don’t want to talk to you, I see Kainat in you, get out before I go mad. She gets angry. She leaves. He says I m sorry Saltanat. Saltanat asks Madhav what’s her name. Madhav says Ka…. Kashish, and I m Madhav. He thinks she lost her memory, when she regains her memory, I will ruin her life.

Madhav says you will get punished. Kainat gets hurt after a slip. She falls on the hot stove.

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