Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 30th August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 30th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 30th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nikki making Saltanat ready. She says you are great to always help girls, who don’t get help from their parents. Dr. Sharma says yes. He asks why aren’t you going to college. She says a guy is troubling me, I have lodged a complaint, once police catches him, I will start going to college. FB shows little Madhav/Dr. Sharma asking inspector to find Sakshi. He says your sister’s character isn’t good, she is paying for her deeds. Madhav hits the paperweight on his head. Inspector scolds him. FB ends. Madhav says justice have to be snatched, I will send a car for you, I will see that guy. Nikki says leave him, see her. He sees Saltanat. He says I don’t think she is one I know, don’t hide things from me, I m your namesake brother, I really regard you my sister,

call me if you need help. She agrees. He lifts Saltanat and says Kainat its time to go home.
Kainat sees everyone giving the blood samples one by one. She goes in. Zaroon looks on. Neha is sleeping on the couch. Indu comes and pours water on her to wake her up. She says I have arranged a Janmashtami party, I gave you Radha’s role. Neha says you ruined my sleep. Indu asks her to see her useless husband, he eats food all day, since he became Krishna, he is working hard. Indu asks Neha and Jugal to come fast. She goes. Neha asks how do I look. Jugal compliments her. He hugs her. Kainat acts dizzy. Nadim says let it be, you aren’t fine. Zaroon says let me talk, you can at least do this for mum, we have to get justice for mum. She gives the blood sample. The man says I will send samples to lab, reports will come by evening. Indu shows the girl’s pic and says the girl will be perfect, my son is the most eligible bachelor, the biggest textile tycoon of this country, his wife has to be smart, intelligent and perfect. She tells the ladies to find such girl. Neha says we have come. Indu asks them to do rehearsals. Inspector says blood test report will come in 5mins. Neha and Jugal dance on Radha kaise na jale…. Neha gets angry and asks the girls to get out of her house. She says we will dance alone. Inspector says the reports are downloading. Kainat prays to get saved.

Madhav gets Saltanat home. He greets Indu and hugs Neha. He asks where is he. Indu says he went to his friend’s house, you made me happy, you got a beautiful bahu for me. Madhav says she isn’t your bahu. Neha asks who is she. Madhav shows Saltanat’s face to them and says Kainat Shah Ghazi. They get shocked. Jugal smiles seeing Saltanat. Indu asks why did you get her here, she has already ruined our life. Madhav says I got her to snatch her breath. Indu says why don’t you forget Sakshi, she didn’t care for us, that shameless…. Madhav says not a word anymore. Neha asks why did you get her here, you could have killed her outside the house. Inspector says the truth has come out. Zaroon asks can I check. Zaroon looks at Kainat. She asks what Zaroon. He goes to her.

Zaroon says you thought the truth won’t come out in front of everyone. Everyone looks on.

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