Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zaroon praying at the Dargah. Faya kun…..plays…. He takes a thread to make a mannat. He prays to get Saltanat. He ties the thread and cries. He sees another thread. He goes and applies black color to it. He ties the thread and says I know we shouldn’t wish for anyone’s destruction but Kainat deserves this. A thread falls down. He sits there. The man says you have to pay 5000rs deposit to stay here. Sabina gives 2000rs. He says this won’t work. She gets flirting with him. She says I m from a poor family, my family disowned me, what can I do here, can’t you give me 3000rs loan so that I pay you 5000rs rent.

The man smiles and gets convinced. His wife comes and stops him. Nilam sees Zaroon and Saltanat’s dance video. She recalls Kainat’s words

and cries. Hamza comes there and asks what’s happening. She says I will get breakfast for you. He asks which color is working in fashion. She says we girls don’t talk about fashion always. She hugs him and says I wish Saltanat is fine. He says she will be fine, don’t you think Zaroon is mistaken, Kainat is innocent, maybe she took someone’s blame, she can’t do this. She says she isn’t innocent, Zaroon isn’t wrong, Kainat ruined his wedding night also.
Sabina says I have no money, I was asking him to spare the rent. The lady scolds her and asks her to give rent, else leave. The man stares at Sabina. His wife takes him. Sabina says Kainat is completely mad, and there is risk, but I m seeing this struggles now, I want to find some way to return Shah manzil.

Hamza asks what. Nilam says Kainat was pretending to be happy. Hamza says she loves Zaroon but she won’t harm Saltanat. She says I also want to believe in your trust, I wish Kainat gets sense so that she doesn’t do wrong with Saltanat. She cries.

A car stops on the way. The lady says come out fast, see the girls, I think both the girls met an accident, their breath isn’t running. The man says we will take them to the hospital. They take them in the car. The lady says they both are in bridal clothes. The man says yes, we will go and call the police once we reach the hospital. Zaroon asks Saltanat to come back. The car passes. A feather falls off the car and comes flying to the Dargah towards Zaroon. Zaroon gets the feather. Sufiyana….plays…. Zaroon comes out of the Dargah. Saltanat’s hand is out of the car window. Zaroon turns. He sees her hand.

Nadim comes home. Someone follows. Nadim turns and doesn’t see the shadow. Someone comes in and hammers on the wall. Zaroon runs after the car. Nilam is sleeping. Someone comes with a hammer and hits on walls. She wakes up and sees the hooded man. She shouts. The man drops the hammer and goes. She shouts. Zainab asks what happened. Nilam says there was someone in the room. Zainab hugs her. Nilam shows the hammer. She says I didn’t see any dream. Zaroon runs after the car. Nilam shouts and goes out. She shows the foot marks and shows the shadow inside kitchen. Mamoon enters the kitchen and looks around. Zaroon misses the car. He thinks maybe I m mistaken. Everyone looks for the man following the foot steps. Mamoon steps on the man’s hand. Nadim says I will call the police. Mamoon sees the man running and stops. The man hits him with hammer and goes out. Zaroon collides with him. Nilam says catch him, he is a thief. Zaroon gets shocked.

Zainab gets a call. The man says your daughters… Zainab asks how is Saltanat. The man says we found them, but….. She gets shocked and drops the phone.

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