Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd September 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kainat crying and thinking of Zaroon’s words. She turns mad in anger and eats jalebis. She throws the plate. Madhav says what shall I do, she lost her memory, she doesn’t remember anything, her crimes… I didn’t forget anything, I will punish you, you will be punished, its my curse, your sins will burn you. Kainat slips after stepping on the cooker and falls over the hot soup cooking on the stove. Zaroon sees Kainat getting treated. He says I m sorry Saltanat, its all my mistake. Nadim and Rubina cry.

Indu says Kainat ruined our life, try to understand, your revenge may ruin our lives. Madhav says but I want revenge, I want justice for Sakshi. Sneha asks why shall we suffer, she was my sister also. Madhav says she was a mother for me. Sneha says you

didn’t let us forget her. He says I can’t see anyone else. Sneha says I know. Jugal asks what happened now. He falls on the maid. Maid says sorry. Jugal asks why are you saying sorry to me. He asks Sneha what did she order. She says its homemade food. Jugal says my wife takes care of my health and taste, where is Krish. Krish comes to Saltanat and asks were you crying.
Saltanat says no. He asks why didn’t you come to have food. She says I m not hungry. He asks her to have food, dad said having breakfast is imp. She says okay then, come. He takes her downstairs. Indu and Sneha leave the dining table. Jugal asks Saltanat to eat the food. Sneha asks Jugal to come upstairs. Jugal goes. Saltanat says I need to ask something. Madhav asks her not to talk while eating. He asks Krish to have breakfast well. He says you will get fine soon. He goes. She thinks when will I get my answers, when will I meet myself, my past.

Zaroon consoles Rubina. He says nothing will happen to Saltanat, don’t worry. Doctor comes and says she is out of danger now, but sorry, her face got burnt, its impossible that she recovers, maybe she has to live her life like this. They cry.

Indu asks how will she stay like this, her memory has to come back, else how will people know the devil hiding behind the innocent face. Madhav says I also want this. Sneha says I can’t tolerate her face. Madhav says I know, we have to punish Kainat, not Kashish, I need your help to bring her memory back, win her trust, no need to be annoyed with her. Zaroon says no, she can’t bear this punishment, its my fault, I told her I don’t want to see her face, she needs her face back. Doctor says there is a way, maybe she loses her identity after this. Nadim asks what do you mean.

Saltanat says there has to be something, pic…. She checks drawer. Krish comes and asks are you in tension. She becomes his friend. She asks shall I ask you something. He says yes. She asks did we meet before. He says no. She asks did I come here before. He says no. She thinks Madhav lied to me, I wasn’t getting married to him. Doctor says we have to do Saltanat’s plastic surgery. Zaroon says then do it, who stopped you. Doctor says patients mostly lose their real face in such cases. Rubina asks why is my daughter being punished. Doctor says we will try that she gets her face back, we need her pics for surgery. Zaroon shows the pics. Doctor asks nurse to get the pics downloaded and return his phone.

Saltanat comes to Madhav. He asks what happened. She shouts shut up, I don’t want to stay here. He thinks did she regain her memory. Zaroon recalls his words and cries. Rubina says its Lord’s wish, he is testing us. Zaroon asks why, Saltanat won’t forgive me. Nadim says she shouldn’t forgive you, you couldn’t fulfill any promise, you forgot all the promised, you failed, you didn’t prove to be a good husband, I m angry that I accepted you as Saltanat’s husband, you are responsible for this. Madhav asks what happened, tell me clearly. Saltanat asks why did you lie to me, we weren’t getting married, Krish told me that I have come here for the first time, we have no relation, so your family dislikes me, you caged me for your motive. Madhav raises hand and stops. He recalls Sakshi’s words.

Saltanat says leave my hand, its paining. Madhav says I m taking her to a place where she will get her memory back.

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