Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5th August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 5th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zaroon running after the hooded man. The man asks the nurse to take the girls fast, they are quite serious. Zaroon runs and loses the hooded man from his sight. Mamoon gets his hand wound treated. Nadim asks how can someone enter the house like this. Rubina says what’s happening. Nadim says we have to pray that both the girls return home safely. Saltanat prays for Saltanat. Doctor says she is critical, take her to the ICU. Zainab gets a call from inspector. He says your both the daughters, we found them but…. Zainab is shocked and drops the phone. Nilam asks what happened, tell me. Ghazala asks are the girls dine. They all come to the hospital. Mamoon asks them to trust Lord.

They see Saltanat getting conscious. Rubina hugs her. Nadim also hugs her. Saltanat

says I m fine, Kainat tried to commit suicide. Zaroon and Hamza get shocked. Miyajaan hugs her and says thank Lord you are saved, what happened then. Nilam says she pushed you right. Saltanat says no, we both fell down, I fell over something and didn’t get too hurt, nurse said someone got us here. Zaroon goes to Saltanat. Saans me teri….. plays…. He recalls their moments. Kainat is taken on the stretcher. Zaroon gets a note from her hand. He reads, I explained myself a lot, but I can’t forget Zaroon’s love. They all look on. Kainat gets treated. Zaroon reads…. forgive me, I will always remember this day. He checks the letters. He cries and says sorry Saltanat. Doctors say we may need blood for her. Doctor comes to the family. Miyajaan asks will she get fine. Doctor says her state is critical, it is tough for her to get saved. They get shocked. Doctor says she will need blood units. Rubina says Saltanat will give the blood.
Saltanat says yes, you can take my blood. She goes. Nurse asks her not to move or shiver, she isn’t able to find her nerve, we need urgent blood units. Zaroon says you can take my blood, its same blood group. He lies down. Ghazala says I m feeling Kainat has changed, suicide …. I think she is repenting on her mistake. Rubina says I m worried for Zainab. She goes to Zainab and says Saltanat always asked me why she resembles Kainat, I had no answer, Kainat used to say that Miyajaan loves them a lot, if one goes lost then other will take care. Zainab cries. Saltanat looks on and cries. Nilam says you should tell everyone the truth, why Kainat punished herself, she slept with your husband. Saltanat says its not the right time to talk, everyone will hate Kainat, she needs everyone’s love to get fine, it won’t be good to tell the truth now. Miyajaan comes and says but truth can’t be suppressed. They get shocked.

Zaroon gives his blood to Kainat. He sees her hand. He sees the mehendi and his name written. He recalls Saltanat’s mehendi and their moment. He gets shocked.

Miyajaan slaps Saltanat and says you always played the same game, I will bring your truth out. She pushes him. He falls down.

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