Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 6th September 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 6th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 6th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zaroon getting a call from Rubina. She asks him to come to the hospital. Madhav scolds Krish. Krish says sorry, I forgot my phone at home. Saltanat says he shouldn’t keep phone, he should enjoy his childhood, I feel I had a beautiful childhood. Madhav gets angry and thinks you have to get your memories back. Krish screams. Madhav asks how did you get hurt. He stops the car and cares for him. He says we will go home and apply medicine. He gets a call. He asks what, how did you keep the meeting without asking me, no I can’t come, I m going to drop my son home, cancel the meeting. Saltanat says we will go by auto, you can go for the meeting. He says no, I will drop you two home, Krish doesn’t go by public transport. She asks don’t you trust me. She says maybe Madhav

met with a big accident in childhood, so he is so scared. Krish laughs. Madhav recalls Sakshi. He shouts shut up, better focus on your own childhood, maybe your memory comes back. She thinks maybe I was right, his childhood had something such, so he is possessive about Krish. Indu says its late. Sneha says I don’t trust Kashish.
Madhav comes home. Indu sees Krish hurt. Sneha says this would have happened because of Kashish. Madhav scolds the servant seeing old garlands on Sakshi’s pic. Indu apologizes. He asks Sneha to give first aid to Krish. Sneha takes Krish. Saltanat looks on. Kainat’s surgery goes on. Family worries. Saltanat is sleeping. She gets flashes. Krish gets soup for her. She says I feel I had soup with someone before. He feeds her. She feeds him soup. He asks her to close eyes and make whatever she sees. She nods. She says fine, I will help you, get the things required.

Sneha says Madhav has a habit to help girls, she is one of them, she isn’t his lover. Madhav asks what’s happening. Indu says we are talking about Ganpati celebrations. Sneha asks why didn’t you say we are seeing girls for him. Indu sends the pandit. Indu says Madhav’s hatred fire is big. Sneha says he is burning and burning us as well. Indu says yes, when he gets married, he will forget revenge. Sneha says plan is good, no girl can help him move on.

Saltanat says I can just see darkness. Krish asks her to focus. She laughs. She closes eyes again and recalls her family and Zaroon. She makes a sketch. Krish asks what did you make. She also sees the sketch. Krish says he is my Dargah friend. She asks do you know his name. Krish says no, I have his number, I don’t know the last number. She says we will try and see. She calls on the number. Zaroon answers the call. She says hello…. He gets shocked and says Saltanat…. She asks who. Inspector asks can I talk to Saltanat for enquiry. Zaroon says no, she is in hospital. Saltanat asks did you meet any boy at Dargah, sorry to bother. She says it was wrong number. She tries another number. Jugal comes and asks Krish to go. He sees Saltanat and praises her. He says tell me if you have any tension. Doctor comes to everyone and says Saltanat’s surgery is successful. Zaroon goes in to meet.

He sees the bandages on face. He apologizes to her. He says you are my love, my life, I married you, not your face, whatever the result of this surgery, I know you are my Saltanat, I will always love you. Nadim and Rubina cry. Zaroon says forgive me please. Jugal tries to hold Saltanat’s hand. He flirts with her. Krish comes to Sneha and asks for food. She says I never went in kitchen, why are you asking. He says uncle told me, he is in dad’s room. Jugal asks was it anyone else, this guy looks different, you can go back if you get memory back, if you feel like crying, you can come to me, I m a good man and can’t see anyone in trouble, I can hug you also. Saltanat pushes him down. He gets shocked seeing Sneha.

Sneha beats Jugal. She sits angry. Jugal says this girl was coming close to me. Saltanat gets shocked. Sneha thinks to teach a lesson to Kashish.

Sneha asks Saltanat to get ready to meet her family. She thinks you will remember me always.

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