Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mamoon and Ghazala meeting everyone before leaving. Ghazala pacifies Zainab. She asks Saltanat to take care of herself and Zaroon. Zaroon hugs Ghazala. Miyajaan goes with Saltanat and asks her where did she meet Zaroon at first. She says at home, I mean at the airport. He says I m growing old and forgetting things, you used to play in childhood and ask me who is Saltanat and who is Kainat. She says you always used to lose. He says yes, you found a way to fool me. She asks him to come to visitors room. He asks did something go in your eye. She says yes, maybe some dust. He asks what were you finding near the water cooler. She says nothing. He asks can you see me well. She asks what’s this question, I can see you clearly. He gives her the lens.

She gets shocked.

He says this fell there, Kainat wears specs, she doesn’t see anything well without it, right, when they you both used to play with me, I couldn’t find them as Kainat always made fake mole on Saltanat’s face by black ink. He shows the fake black mole. He says that’s not Kainat, I can see your mole after it got washed by water, you are not Saltanat, you are Kainat. She gets shocked. He slaps her.
He says Saltanat fell down the terrace, but why would she fall, you wrote that letter, you played this entire game, Saltanat didn’t try to take her life. Kainat shouts I had pushed her to kill her. She recalls fighting with Saltanat. She says I will use your name and identity now, you will feel how a lost person now. She laughs and says I was mad to ask you to kill me, right way will be to kill you, I will be Saltanat now, good bye. She pushes Saltanat down the terrace. FB ends. Miyajaan slaps Kainat.

She holds his hand and shouts enough. He says you have done much wrong, I m ashamed that you are my grand daughter, I have to bring out your truth in front of everyone. She says swear on me, you won’t do this. She says I don’t care for you, I wish you die. She shouts stop, what do you think of you, you are Miyajaan so you will rule on my life, what did you do for me, nothing, you snatched my love, you couldn’t become good Dada, its better that I snatched my rights myself. He says you will never get Zaroon. She says he will always be mine, he is my obsession, no one can come in my way. He says its a sin. She says Zaroon is a reward for this. He pushes her and runs out of the room. She asks him to stop. She sees the fire extinguisher. He says I have to get Kainat punished. He gets dizzy and runs ahead. She hits on his head. He picks his walking stick and gets up, by pushing her. He goes in the lift. She takes the stairs. He gets dizzy.

Everyone sees Miyajaan in dizzy state and run to him. Miyajaan shows Kainat and says Kainat…. Everyone gets shocked.

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