Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th September 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 7th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jugal blaming Saltanat and lying to Sneha. He goes. Saltanat Saltanat says your husband is lying. Sneha gets angry and goes. Indu comes. Sneha says she is eyeing my husband, do something. Indu says yes, we have to make her out of here. Kainat gets conscious. Doctor says her surgery was successful, her bandages will be removed after 24 hours. Zaroon asks can we take her home. Doctor says yes, take care of her, skin treatment is delicate and slow. Zaroon agrees. Saltanat says why did I feel so at the Dargah, I don’t remember anything.

Sneha gets a gift for her. She says I have a good news for you. Saltanat checks the red saree. Sneha says so sorry, please ignore my husband. Saltanat says no need for this apology and gift. Sneha asks why, you will be meeting your

family, you look so pretty. Saltanat asks what. Sneha says Madhav isn’t here, I want to take you out, get ready now, we also treat you like family. Saltanat says I can’t go without telling Madhav. Sneha says we will keep meeting, get ready. She goes. Saltanat smiles.
Nadim worries. Rubina comes to him. He says since Zaroon came in Saltanat’s life, she lost everything, today she lost her face and identity. Rubina says don’t say this, Zaroon is Saltanat’s happiness, look at them. Zaroon gets Kainat on the wheelchair. Nadim says its little happiness, don’t know what will happen with my daughter. Saltanat gets ready. Krish compliments her. She thanks him. He asks where are you going. She says I m going home to my family. He says this is also your family, right.

She says like you stay with family, I also like to stay with family. He asks shall I come along. She says your dad will be sad if you come, if we stay away, we will have long talks and make video calls with different filters. He says yes, I will call dad and ask him. Sneha stops him and says Madhav would be in meeting. She asks Krish what gift he got. He says nothing, what shall I get. He goes to get a gift. Sneha says you look so pretty. Saltanat asks who had called, where do they stay, how do the know I m here. Sneha says have patience. Krish gets a locket and gifts Saltanat. He says this will protect you, call me if you need help. She thanks him. Krish goes. Sneha gives a rose to Saltanat and puts it in her hair. They leave.

Sneha brings her to some odd place/red light area. Saltanat asks where did we come. Sneha says look there, he is your brother Majnu. The man Majnu starts acting. He thanks Sneha for bringing Kashish. Sneha gives her bag. She says I m giving you the girl and money, take care of her, I don’t want to see her again. The man asks her not to worry. Sneha hugs Saltanat. Krish is also in the car. He gets down the car and sees the place. The men stare and comment. Saltanat gets worried and thinks this is a very bad place. Krish says these men look bad, they will kidnap Kashish, I have to become intelligent now. He calls Madhav. He says its not connecting. He thinks how to save her. He calls Zaroon. Zaroon is with Kainat at home. Zaroon asks what happened. Krish tells him everything. Zaroon gets shocked. He says don’t worry, I m coming. He leaves.

Saltanat struggles. The men take her in the car. Madhav comes there and lifts the car backside to stop it.

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