Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 9th September 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 9th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 9th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saltanat thinking where are they taking me. The man asks her to just come. She shouts for help. The man says its my area, no one will help, get in. Krish gets shocked. He asks a man to save her. The man pushes him. Krish cries. The men put Saltanat in the car and start the car. The car doesn’t go ahead. The man asks why isn’t the car going. They see Madhav behind. Madhav holds the car and stops it. Krish smiles.

He recalls sending voice message to Madhav. He says my super Papa has come. Madhav beats them. Saltanat gets down the car. She sees the fight. She asks Madhav to please leave the man. Madhav, Saltanat and Krish leave. The man takes a sickle to attack them. Zaroon comes and holds his man. He turns to see. Saltanat sits in the car. Madhav drives off.

Krish waves to him. Zaroon prays for them. Saltanat asks Madhav to stop the car. She gets down and goes. He asks where are you going. She says sorry Madhav, whatever Sneha did, I can’t stay with you, you took care of me, your family has a problem with me, I would have not come in your life.
Madhav apologizes to Saltanat. He says I will talk to Sneha. She asks if this happened with your sister, would you ask her to be with that person, no right, how can you ask me. He recalls Sakshi. He says this won’t happen again, come with me, I will arrange your stay somewhere else, come for Krish’s sake. She says just for Krish. He thinks I got helpless because of Sneha, I m using my son’s name to stop this murderer. Jugal looks for Saltanat. Sneha hugs him and gifts a gold chain. She says I m happy today. He says Kashish.

She asks how do you know. He signs her to see. Sneha gets angry seeing her. Madhav comes with Krish. Madhav asks Kashish to go to her room. Saltanat says no, I want to know the reason of such a cheap act, how can this happen. He says go, I will talk. She goes. Madhav scolds Sneha. Indu comes and looks on. She asks what happened.

Madhav says ask Sneha. Sneha says I did what she deserves, she is characterless and shameless, she was eyeing my husband and breaking my family, like Sakshi did, she is Sakshi’s carbon copy, like she was after a married man, you like such women right. He raises hand and stops. Madhav warns her. Sneha says I didn’t get any importance like Sakshi. He says if you say anything bad about Sakshi, I will throw you out. She says you don’t get angry when Krish plays with Sakshi’s killer, why don’t you tell her. Madhav asks her to handle her husband first.

Sneha says just see how Krish isn’t able to live without Kainat, this time she will cheat you in a way that you don’t handle yourself. Madhav goes and thinks how can I let my son stay close to that girl, who snatched my sister. Krish makes faces to make Saltanat smile. He says she is upset, I will make her smile and go. Madhav asks him to go and sleep. Saltanat says let him be here, what’s the problem. Krish goes. Madhav says you aren’t his mum, stay in limits, stay away from him. She asks did you stop me to vent your anger, your family has much problem with me, I m hearing your nonsense because of Krish, you said we had love between us, was our love such. She goes crying. He thinks I have to control my anger to trap Kainat, and make her away from Krish.

Zaroon sits with Kainat. Saltanat makes Krish ready and instructs him. Madhav looks on. He says I will come soon and teach you poetry. Krish says Didi taught me already. Madhav asks him not to get stubborn. Krish says I will go in the bus. Madhav says fine, as you say. Krish hugs him. Madhav asks servant to leave Krish till the bus stand. He recalls Sneha’s words.

Krish thanks Zaroon for dropping him home. Madhav gets shocked.

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