Suhaagan 13th September 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 13th September 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 13th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bindiya asking Krish to break her fast though he doesn’t believe it, but her fast will not break until he makes her drink water. Baldev says bahu is asking you to break her fast and is not asking you to keep fast. He asks him to make her drink water and coughs. Krish makes her drink water. Payal gets angry and says she loses her victory due to the old man and Bindi. Krish looks at Payal who acts to be upset. Krish drops the glass on the ground. Baldev says Krishna…Indu says it seems glass has fallen down from his hand, and asks if you are happy that Bindiya’s fast is broken. Krish goes upset. Baldev smiles looking at Bindiya.

The servant comes to Payal and asks if she wants to drink Smoothie. Payal asks how dare you to come to my room and asks her to get out. The Servant says there is a much difference between the two sisters, one is sweet like honey and one is bitter like Neem. Payal sits on the bed. Krish comes there and apologizes to Payal, says he has to do this for Papa. Payal acts as a victim and sheds fake tears. He says I wanted to break your fast, but has to break Bindiya’s fast for Papa and apologizes to her. Payal says it is not your mistake, but my destiny’s mistake. She says these rituals, customs, and suhaagan tag is with bindiya and not with me. Krish tells Payal that it is all yours, and tells that he will break her fast with his love. He is about to about to make her eat food, when Vikram shouts calling Krish. Krish drops the food and runs from there, saying if Papa is fine. Payal eats food herself and says I will get my rights by hook or by crook.

Baldev tells Bindiya that you got the right. Bindiya says baba used to say that if we don’t get the right then we shall snatch it. Baldev says he was right. Bindiya says I used to complain to Ambe Maa, that why she took her parents, but she didn’t know that Ambe maa will send her baba back as her babu ji. She thanks him. Baldev says it is his duty to support her. Bindiya says I am feeling bad that you have to act to be unwell. Baldev says I can do anything for my daughter. Bindiya tells that Dadi was telling about Ganesh Chaturthi. Baldev says we will celebrate it, and says we shall thank you that Ganapati ji will come because of you. She says we have to do one more thing, and says she is going to do something which will either open the door of her destination or end this fight today itself.

Vikram tells Sakshi that he called Krish and he came running as if something happened to Papa. He says then I asked him to handle the meeting, as Papa is unwell. And he shook his head and went to attend the meeting, and calls him foolish. Sakshi tells Vikram that Krish is taking care of Papa and handling work also, and tells that he will become dear to everyone and he will be useless son. She asks him to use the opportunity as Krish is in stress due to his two wives. Vikram says why I didn’t think this.

Bindiya comes to Payal’s room and sits on the sofa. Payal asks why did you come here? Bindiya says why you are shock, if I can’t come to talk to you. She asks if I disturbed you. Payal says I was arranging the clothes in the cupboard. Bindiya asks why, and says your work is over now. She makes her sit and says you have made my life first and now this almira. She says for whoever you have given sacrifice, thank you, now your work is done so you can go from here. She says I will not let your hardwork and sacrifice go waste, I swear on Ambe Maa. Payal says you are asking me to go from here. Bindiya says yes, I am asking you to go from here, and says the place which you want to snatch, is mine, and I have right on it. She says Krishna ji is mine, he is my husband and he has filled sindoor in my hair line. She takes out Payal’s clothes from the cupboard and is keeping them in the bag. Payal stops her, and asks if your sindoor makes you suhaagan then if my suhaagan doesn’t mean anything. She asks if krish filled your maang then who filled my maang?

Bindiya says you made me understand well, and I used to feel bad and guilty, but today you have unburdened my heart. She says I understood your intentions, when you agreed to celebrate wedding night with Krishna ji, and there was no line of worry on your forehead before taking this step. Payal says ok. She calls Krishna secretly to make him hear everything. Bindiya says this fight is easy for me now. Krish says hello, Payal….I can’t hear you. He sits in the car. Payal acts and asks how can you fight with me, I have sacrificed my love for you and was marrying the wrong guy for you. She says if you want then I will leave from here, will go away from Krish and this house. Krish hears and gets shocked. Payal says one reason stops me, that is Krish. She says he is already worried because of uncle, and I can’t see him more worried, if he gets broken if I leave. She says for you, he is just your suhaag, but for me he is my true love. Krish gets emotional. Payal says you don’t care for Krish, and is not thinking what will happen to Krish. Bindiya says babu ji’s condition is bad as you are staying and asks why you want to make his condition worse.

Precap: Bindiya and Payal challenge to throw the other out after Ganapati celebration.

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