Suhaagan 15th November 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 15th November 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 15th November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish making Payal drink water and says he will call doctor. Payal says she is fine, and tells that she couldn’t sleep at night and couldn’t eat food also. Nidhi says she shall show herself to doctor. Payal says she is not unwell and tells that she is very stressed, her marriage is incomplete and question is raised on their wedding night. Krish asks her not to worry about anyone’s sayings and says he knows whom to trust and looks at bindiya and Payal. Bindiya says she will drop her to room. Krish asks her to stay away from Payal and not to interfere in his personal matters. He says you have already done much drama in night. He takes Payal from there. Payal smirks and looks at Bindiya and goes. Indu scolds Bindiya and asks if she can’t digest the food without doing drama. He says my Krish’s destiny is bad and says he had wedding night in conscious state, sometimes he was unconscious and once you was unconscious. Bindiya’s Dadi, Phoolmati and Rose come there with the neighbors. Dadi wishes them happy dhanteras. Indu gets upset. Phoolmati says we came at the wrong time. Baldev greets them and asks them to come inside. Phoolmati asks Bindiya to see the snacks and sweets, they have brought. Bindiya gets happy and emotional, while Indu, Sakshi and Nidhi get upset seeing the sweets. Pankaj praises them for following the customs.

Krish asks Payal what happened to her, and asks her to say. Payal says she feels weak and couldn’t eat food. Krish asks her to come with him to doctor. Payal says I am fine, nothing has happened to me, I think I am pregnant. Krish asks what did you say? Payal says I feel that I am pregnant, I am not sure, but may be I am pregnant. Krish asks what do you mean? Payal asks in what language, shall I explain to you, I am going to be a mother. Krish is shocked. Payal hugs him and says she has symptoms of pregnancy. Krish says why so suddenly. Payal says destiny and says whatever happened in her life was unplanned and sudden. Krish says sorry for reacting this way and asks her not to worry. Payal says I am really pregnant then how I will manage? Krish says I will call Mummy, she will understand you and guide you. Payal asks if we shall tell Mummy ji, as she is not 100 percent sure. She asks him to bring pregnancy kit for her. Krish goes. Payal takes out the pregnancy kit of Nidhi, and says my key of treasure and Bindiya’s destruction. She says she picked it from dustbin and gave place to it in her almira for this day, and praises her plan to be superhit. She turns and sees Bindiya standing. She drops the pregnancy kit on the floor and steps on it, and asks Bindiya if she don’t have any self respect that you come here again and again. She says the more you try to come to my husband, he will come to me. Bindiya says Dadi has come, if she wants to meet her then come out. After Bindiya goes, Payal picks the pregnancy kit and thinks thank god it didn’t break.

Sakshi comes to Dadi and others and praises their rangoli. She asks Servant to bring tea and breakfast for them. She tells that there is a good news. Dadi asks if she is pregnant. Sakshi says no, and says she don’t want to spoil her figure. She tells her that yesterday Bindiya and Krish had romance. Everyone gets happy. Bindiya comes there. Dadi takes off bad sight from her. Bindiya says she will make rangoli outside. Rose and Bindiya dance as Krish and Bindiya on the song 18 baras ki…Bindiya dances with them. Indu, Baldev and others come out. Indu says their ears will burst and tells that Chirayya people come here whenever they want to do colorful people. Payal thinks Chirayya dirt comes to my palace like home, and thinks to make them leave, before starting her plan.

Precap: Krishna tells everyone about Payal’s pregnancy. Everyone gets happy and Bindiya is in shock.

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