Suhaagan 5th June 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 5th June 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 5th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Madan trying to convince Panchayat, presenting his good image. Bindiya tells the Panchayat that Madan and Phoolmati want to prove them as liars. Master ji tells that he has seen Phoolmati ill treating the girls. Madan tells that he used to think like this, and tells that when they stayed with them, they have realized that the girls are mannerless so Phoolwati was strict with them. Rekha starts acting and sheds fake tears, and tells that they used to love Payal and Bindiya a lot. She tells that Payal came to their house sitting in car decky secretly and tells that she had tortured them a lot and used to demand burger, icecream and toys. She cooks up fake stories. The neighbor supports Rekha. Dadi tells that they have tortured my innocent grand daughters. Phoolmati tells that she didn’t celebrate her daughter Rose’s birthday, but instead celebrated Bindiya’s birthday. She asks Sarpanch to give Amma’s responsibility to hers and the kids responsibility to Madan. Bindiya asks Sarpanch to give her time to bring someone who knows everything. She goes with Master ji.

Madan asks the lady to give tea for Amma and then comes to her, and taunts her asking her to drink it for last time. Amma refuses to drink. Madan throws tea on himself and acts as if Amma threwit. The lady scolds Amma. Rekha goes to bring shirt for him and is hopeful to celebrate and go to Goa. Bansi comes there and holds her hand. He says Madan did wrong to raise hand on his face. Bindiya comes back and tells Sarpanch that she had gone to PS, but the Inspector is transferred. Phoolmati tells Madan that Minister did his work. Madan worries for Rekha. Rekha fools Bansi and tells that she used to look at him as Madan couldn’t keep her happy in any way. She asks him to come with her, and takes him to Bindiya’s house. Bhim goes insearch of Rekha. Bindiya tells Sarpanch ji that they want our house and farm. Phoolmati says who said that we don’t want. Madan tells that they are not financially stable so needs it, but will not spend even a single penny on them. He says the farm and house money will be equally divided between Bindiya, Payal and Dadi. Phoolmati says we had decided for 2 shares only. Madan takes her to side to discuss it. Sarpanch thinks something is fishy. Rekha locks Bansi in the house and runs away. Payal tells Bindiya that she don’t want to go back to City. Bindiya gets an idea.

Precap: Bindiya asks Sarpanch to give her 3 days to prove her competency and that they don’t need anyone.

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