Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with family talking about Maya and Dolly’s fight still on. Sumit says Maya is angry on Dolly and asked me to buy video game to pass time, she is being good to me. Jasbir says great. Sumit asks Jasbir to favor Maya and then Dolly will also change colors. Jasbir says I will try. Dolly is angry. Jasbir says Dolly, you are right, I m going upstairs. Dolly asks why, where. She stops him and asks him to sit. Dolly says she will make chutney and chaat. Sumit says he will also have chaat. Dolly asks Rajneesh will he eat. Rajneesh stares at them and says never. Dolly asks Jasbir not to go anywhere. Jasbir says I love you Sumit and hugs him.

The men watch cricket. Dolly calls and Maya ignores her call. Sumit says mummy ji, Papa ji and Rajneesh are here, Maya is going to bring Aaliya from school. Jasbir says let Dolly know my value. Rajneesh says chee. Jasbir says you marry and then know its war. Maya asks Sumit to clean kitchen and goes. Dolly comes there and shows kababs. They like the kabab. Rajneesh gets sad seeing Dolly pampering Sumit and Jasbir. Maya comes back to get car keys and sees Dolly. Sumit gives the car keys. Dolly says I will go, and says about good food. Maya says she will get speakers for Sumit. Dolly says I will cook butter chicken, or roast mutton. She calls Jasbir Patidev. Jasbir gets shocked and holds heart. Maya tells Sumit that they will have romance tonight. Sumit likes the idea.

Jasbir says its his mood to have rum. Dolly says she will get it. Maya and Dolly leave. Sumit and Jasbir are glad and are getting benefit from Maya and Dolly’s fight. Sumit says I will take goa trip from Maya too. Rajneesh looks on sadly. Sumit hugs Jasbir. Jasbir praises Sumit. Rajneesh gets angry and asks them to have some shame, they are making their wives fight for their benefit. Jasbir says sorry and laughs. Sumit and Jasbir dance. Rajneesh leaves annoyed.

Its night, Rajneesh asks Maya about Sumit. Maya says he went to buy new music system. Rajneesh says his fate is good, don’t know when will it change. Maya tells about Dolly. Rajneesh asks Maya to talk with Dolly. He says Sumit is partying, he is planning Goa trip, while you and mummy are fighting, Sumit is using you, he is taking dad and friends along. She asks is this Sumit’s plan. Rajneesh says I m on your side in this fight, but they are making this fight long, I told this and now you decide.

Rajneesh talks to Dolly and asks her to forget the fight. She says what all Maya did. He says he is on her side, so he is telling her that Papa ji is going Goa. She gets shocked. Sumit goes home and Maya scolds him about his Goa trip. Jasbir tells Dolly about Goa trip and tells what Maya commented on him, he felt bad. He asks for sandwich. She beats him and scolds him. Sumit comes and Dolly scolds him asking him to go to Maya. Sumit says Maya was scolding me. They think how did both Maya and Dolly know this. Rajneesh comes and both of them catch Rajneesh to beat. Rajneesh asks them to leave him. Jasbir says they got happiness for the first time.

Rajneesh says real happiness is in family unity. Sumit beats him. Dolly comes and rescues Rajneesh. Dolly scolds Sumit. Rajneesh says I knew Dolly and Maya will listen to me, salute to this country’s women. Dolly asks why did he tell Maya and scolds him. Dolly comes to Maya and talks to her about Jasbir and Sumit. They say that they are using their fight, before that they have to act like their fight ended. Maya agrees and they shake hands. Dolly and Maya cook together. Dolly says those monkeys should not lose stick fear. Maya thanks her for saving her daal. Dolly says you are like my daughter, why thanks. Maya says you are also my mother. They both hug and end their fight. Maya and Dolly apologize and hug. Sumit and Jasbir see this and say they got ruined again.

Dolly calls Sumit’s childhood friend Namit. Namit copies Sumit in everything. Sumit says Maya said we are like each other.

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