Sumit Sambhal Lega 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 31st August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Sumit Sambhal Lega 31st August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the kids crying a lot and making a noisy mess. Maya asks them to cooperate. Sumit comes home and deals with the kids. He gives them chocolates and they keep quiet. She says you know what happened in 4 days. He gives her chocolate and she hugs him, smiling. She says she can’t see how she lived without him, its good he came before her birthday. He says yes, ofcourse, Saturday or Sunday, I remember it. She calls him cute, sweet, and tells she wants to celebrate her birthday with her husband, no one else. He recalls his mum, dad and brother and tells her.

She says I love them, but I m lucky to get some time after getting free from kids’ work, they come here without knocking. He says we stay in same house, we are on first floor. She says mum and dad don’t understand. He says they leave us alone. His mum comes in and brings some dhoop, saying she knew her son has come and passes some taunts on Maya. He says Maya will be shooing off bad things. Mummy ji says Maya has no time, and goes taunting her. Maya looks at Sumit. He says mum is not bad at heart.

Its night, Sumit says they will adopt new parents. She says your dad sent friendship request to me and my friends, and liked their swimsuit pics, I feel I m… He says so lucky…. She says Sumit please… He asks her to go a movie with her friends. She says I can’t leave kids with mummy ji, else she will taunt me. He says he will say a horror story to kids to keep them calm. He goes to kids and tells a spooky story to his daughter, and scares her. He gets a call and tells his friend that he has set things. His mum comes there. Sumit tells his friend that he can’t come to meet him, as kids are alone at him. Mummy ji says she will manage. He says Maya does not want so, I promised her. She asks is he afraid of Maya. He tells his friend that he will come for one hour. She asks him to go and sends him out. She sees the house messed up and checks laptop. Sumit’s elder brother Rajneesh comes there and Sumit’s dad also joins them. He says he was hungry and eats the food one after another. She shows him Sumit’s pics on laptop. Rajneesh asks about the awards.

Mummy ji says he won this last week in tv reporters association. Rajneesh says Sumit is everyone’s loved one. Sumit’s dad, mum and brother mess the house even more. Sumit comes home and asks will they make his divorce done, Maya will leave him, Maya can come anytime from her movie. He asks them to please leave. His dad asks him to meet to learn about girls.

Maya comes home and sees the house super cleaned. She says she can’t believe this. He says he did not marry to get a maid. She says my Sumit is so lovely, I will go and see the kids, you get ready. He asks what. She gives him a smile. He thanks Lord. He goes to his room and holds a rose in his mouth, singing a song. She asks him about the kids, did Papa ji come and play with kids, I will talk to your parents. He says no, I went out to meet Monty, mum, dad and Rajneesh came. She says I would have not gone. She says they won’t come in my birthday, tell them, else they will call me vamp. He says you are not a vamp. She says don’t you think we should get time to spend time as a couple. He says how to tell them. She applies bleach to his face. Its morning, he returns the bleach to mummy ji. He wants to tell about Maya’s birthday. She asks about ordering a dozen gourds. He says next week, you will get dozen pumpkins, its organic and good for health. They argue over the vegetable schemes for the whole year, and tell this to his dad.

Sumit says fine, I will cancel the scheme. He says about Maya’s birthday, they are not celebrating. His dad asks did Maya’s dad die. Sumit says no, I m taking her out to Jantar Mantar, it’s a surprise, don’t tell Maya. His dad laughs on Sumit. Mummy ji says take this gourds, ask Maya to make its dish. Rajneesh sees this and gets irked.

Maya says its best birthday gift as there is no noise, you should always say truth to them. He says so, I say Satyamev Jayate. He asks does he have the rose. He says I m always ready. He sings and dance, romancing. His family comes without knock. They ask what are they doing here, as Sumit was taking Maya to jantar mantar. Maya asks who will be donkey to take wife to Jantar mantar. Sumit says fine, I lied to keep everyone happy, this is my problem, we have to tell something you all interfere a lot in our life. He says they will shift to other flat, he loves Maya, she is not a vamp, if you love both of us, give us some time alone, else we will leave from here, maybe. Maya says its fine Sumit, they are our family. Mummy ji smiles and says they would have told them, did they interfere in their lives till now. His dad says he would have understood. They leave. Rajneesh wishes happy birthday to Maya and leaves. Maya smiles and says I love you Sumit. He says I will sit for sometime. She says you will get gift today and romances. Their daughter comes and hugs them. He says jantar mantar would be better than this.

Sumit gets caught in the situation where Mummy ji and Maya makes dishes for him.

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    this show doesnt have the standard to replace an amazing show like manmarziyan… i miss u soooo much manmarziyan please come back with another season please…

    • Angel
      September 01, 11:47

      Manmarziyan is over now plzzzz just chill ok everywhere is manmarziyan jab show dekhna hota hai tab to dekhte nae ho or jab khatm hone wala hota hai to sab kehte hai yeh best show hai band mat karo like nouc come on guys.

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