Sumit Sambhal Lega 31st October 2015 Written Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 31st October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dolly gifting red dupatta to Maya. Maya thanks her. Dolly says she is giving this to make her look ideal bahu as she is competing with her friend. She taunts Maya. Maya asks Sumit to help her., Sumit tells Dolly that Maya does not want to keep fast and Maya stops him, saying Sumit is also keeping fast for her. Dolly says men don’t keep fast for Karwachauth. Maya says they should keep, as women do lot for men, men should also do something, you do so much for Jasbir, can’t Jasbir do anything for you for one day. Sumit asks Dolly not to fall in Maya’s trap. Maya says Mrs. Kukreja will be shocked if men keep fast in our house.

Dolly asks Sumit to keep fast for Maya and says I will bring Kranti, even Jasbir will keep fast for me. Sumit laughs off. Dolly says stop laughing and thanks Maya for the idea. Dolly leaves and Maya dances, asking Sumit how did he like her kitchen politics. Dolly likes the food. Dolly says she made the dish especially for him. Jasbir asks Rajneesh did Dolly fall in morning. Dolly laughs and praises him. Dolly says she has always done puja of Jasbir’s stomach, so she was thinking if she keeps fast for him always, why can’t he keep fast. He says why not, and realizes. He laughs and asks what did she say, did she go mad. She says if Sumit can keep fast for Maya, why can’t you. Jasbir says Sumit is half feminine by face and doings. She says she won’t give him food. Jasbir gets angry. Dolly says she will make him keep fast. Jasbir refuses.

Dolly asks Rajneesh not to give food to Jasbir. Jasbir says he will remove Rajneesh from will if he does not give him food. Rajneesh says it means I m in will. Dolly runs and Jasbir goes after her. Rajneesh asks why are they making him keep Karwachauth fast, he is not married.

Its morning, Sumit asks for food. Maya says we won’t have food, don’t you wish I live long. Sumit says yes. Rajneesh comes there. He says Dolly is making Jasbir keep fast and locked him so that he does not go out and eat food. The house shakes. Rajneesh asks did dad get free. Jasbir breaks the door and comes there.

Jasbir says no one can stop me from eating food, give me food. Rajneesh stops him and asks Sumit to help, else he will complain to mummy. Sumit holds Jasbir. Jasbir says I m getting dizzy by hunger. Sumit asks Rajneesh to get banana. Jasbir says his bp got fine now. Rajneesh stops Jasbir and eats banana. Sumit asks Jasbir to sit, his low bp will get high. Jasbir says tell Dolly, I m going out and will party. He leaves.

Rajneesh says I had many bananas, don’t know what will happen now. Dolly plays card in kitty and talks to Mrs. Kukreja. She boasts about her family. She praises Maya. Maya gets tired while cooking. She smells the dish. Dolly comes. Maya asks her to manage daal. Dolly says you don’t have self control, go. Dolly smells the daal and loses control. She is about to taste and Maya comes. Dolly says I was just smelling it. Dolly stops Maya from tasting daal and says if you think about eating, sumit’s life will go. Maya leaves the spoon.

Sumit eats food at Jitos. Rajneesh comes there. Sumit sees him and hides his face. Rajneesh orders parathas and sees Sumit. He says Maya… Sumit asks where. Rajneesh says you are eating food here by promising Maya to have fast. Sumit says its not my mistake, I controlled seeing snacks in Dhruv’s birthday, but when kabab came, I took my collar to bite to stop myself, then halwa came, it smelled so good that any dead person would get up to eat. He says he had halwa and thought to break jalwa completely. Rajneesh nods.

Maya makes food ready and sees the sweets. She gets tempted and waits for moon. Sumit comes and asks her not to see him, and eats chicken. Maya says she is hungry. He says even he is hungry. She says you are sweet, I m such bad wife, I m unable to keep fast. Dolly comes with Rajneesh. Sumit eats the chicken. Maya says Channi is not here, so she got mosquito racket. Sumit gets unwell as chicken gets stuck. Rajneesh says I will see him and holds Sumit. Maya blames herself as she wanted to have food, so Sumit got unwell. Sumit spits the chicken piece. Dolly says thank Lord you are fine. Maya picks the chicken bone and asks Sumit?

She asks did he not control himself, all men are same. Sumit says sorry. Maya says no time for sorry and does moon sighting rituals fast. She asks Sumit to make her fast laddoo. She likes the ladooo. Sumit shows the earrings for her. Maya says I have diamond showroom for your doings today. Rajneesh asks Dolly to break fast and asks her to eat anything, till when will she be hungry for shameless person. Jasbir comes and scolds them. He says its enough, moon has come out, give me food. He says he came back as lightning fell on the road, I understood Lord gave me this message, that I got saved as Dolly kept fast for me, so I thought to keep fast for Dolly, hearing my heart, so I kept fast all day, now give me food. Dolly gets glad and says I know you really love me. She does rituals and says this is Karwachauth. She burps and they all look at her. Jasbir smells and says your burp has daal makhani smell. He calls her cheater, he kept fast for her and she did not keep fast. She goes. Jasbir goes to fight with her. Rajneesh says sorry Papa ji, I misunderstood you, I will make you have banana. Sumit and Maya sit eating food.

Jasbir likes the koftas and asks Dolly to learn from Maya. Dolly tastes it and throws the spoon. Jasbir gives flowers to Maya. Dolly asks Maya why is she snatching her husband. Maya asks what? .

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