Swaragini 18th March 2015 Written Update

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Swaragini 18th March 2015 Written Update by MA

Swaragini 18th March 2015 Written Episode

Shekhar asks whether Swara knows that I am her father. Sumi asks her not to question Swara and leaves. Shekhar stands alone. Swara is in cooking and thinks about Shekhar asking for her help. She gets burn on her finger. Shekhar calls Swara and said that her mum agreed. Swara gets happy and says she wished hearing the nightingale voice. Shekhar smiles and asks about her plan. Swara says she will start her plan in the morning and sees her dish burning. She tells Shekhar that she will call later. Dida comes. Swara tells that she is taking out achaar. Dida says it is tasty and makes her taste it. Swara is happy and thinks about her mum and Shekhar uncle relation.

Parineeta calls Ragini and asks her to call jiju. Utara takes the call and asks her to tell her choice about jewellery. Ragini says she don’t have any preference. Utara asks her to decide between her and Parineeta’s choice. Parineeta takes the call. Lucky comes and asks did you see my wrist band? Utara gives the call to Lucky. He says hello Ragini. She gives hearing him and says hmmmm. Lucky says he have to go early so will speak later. Parineeta and Utara tease him.

Parineeta asks Ragini to come soon. Shekhar hears Ragini saying that she is waiting for the new life and new relation. Ragini looks at Lucky’s photo and calls her Mrs. Lakshya Maheshwari. Shekhar is tensed and goes.

Shekhar calls Swara and asks why did you go alone? I would have come with you. Swara says she has hidden her face. Shekhar asks where are you? Swara tells that she is outside Lucky’s office. She sees him leaving and follows. Shekhar asks her to call him every 20 mins. Swara says she will call him every 10 mins. He calls her beta and asks her to take care. Lucky goes to a girl’s house and hugs her. Swara thinks he is a characterless guy and takes his photo. Lucky then leaves with that girl in his car. Swara calls Shekhar and tells that Lucky is with a girl. Shekhar asks her to follow him. She starts following his car. She records Lucky enjoying icecream with a girl and tells Shekhar that Lucky is not suitable for ragini.

Swara sees him gone and starts following him to the jewellery store. Lucky makes the girl try the jewellery. Swara records everything. She tells Shekhar that he gifted 1.5 lakhs necklace to that girl. Lucky comes inside. She hides seeing himnd goes to changing room. Then he drops the girl to her home and says they will meet in the party. Swara records everything and says she will stand there for his welcome.

Swara shows the recorded proof to Shekhar. He says it is too much now. We will show the proofs to his father. Swara says they will need solid proofs against him and calls him baba. Shekhar is surprised. Swara says I will send videos to you. Shekhar calls Swara……and says he needs to talk to her. Swara says we will talk later about it. Shekhar asks how do you know? Swara says it might not be important than Lucky’s matter. He thanks her and promises to give her whatever she asks for. Swara smiles and says they have to see Ragini doesn’t get married to Lucky. She leaves. Shekhar looks on.

Shekhar goes home and shows the recording to his parents. Dada ji and Dadi maa are shocked. Shekhar says he is not suitable for our Ragini. Dadimaa asks him to end the drama. Ragini cries. Dada ji asks him to come. Swara shows the video to Sumi. Disa asks what are you showing and takes the phone. She sees her snoring recording instead and asks when did you take this video. Swara says when you was sleeping. Dada ji shows the recording to Maheswari and his family. Adarsh asks Parineeta to take Utara and Maa now. Dada ji asks him to say what they shall do now. Shekhar says I can’t give Ragini’s hand in his hand. Maheshwari calls Lucky, but he is not at home. Shekhar tells that he is not at home, went to have party. Adarsh says he is at home. He might be sleeping. Dada ji asks him to check. Maheswari goes to check him in his room. He pulls the blanket and sees pillows the bed. Maheshwari fumes and asks Adarsh to come with him.

Shekhar asks do you wants to know about the person who sent this video? Durga Prasad Maheshwari asks to take him to his son. Shekhar agrees and takes them.

Swara sees Ragini crying and thinks she must have seen the video. She says sorry. Ragini says you must be happy. Swara says we are sisters. Ragini says we are just neighbors and asks her not to call her sister. She goes inside. Swara thinks she is upset now, but will be normal in some time.

Shekhar, Maheswari, Dada ji and Adarsh come to the party venue. They come inside and sees Lucky getting engaged to the girl and clicking photo with her.

Dada ji asks Shekhar, who sent this video. Shekhar stays silent. Just then he picks Swara’s call and gets angry. Dadimaa calls Dida and says history is repeating. Sumi asks Shekhar to come out.

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